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Friday, 01 July 2022 09:58

alex-lasry-senate-talksBest Candidate To Beat Ron Johnson In November, Alex Lasry Slams Ron Johnson’s Abortion Record

Milwaukee – This week, a new poll from the Alex Lasry campaign showed a majority of Democratic Primary voters believe that Alex Lasry is the best Democrat to beat Ron Johnson in December, and that the race is still in a statistical tie. Lasry also visited an affordable housing redevelopment site in Milwaukee and slammed Ron Johnson’s anti-choice record.

New poll shows primary voters believe Alex Lasry is the best candidate to beat Ron Johnson, primary still a statistical tie.

The Alex Lasry Campaign for U.S. Senate released the results of a new poll that shows Democratic Primary voters believe Alex Lasry is the best candidate to beat Ron Johnson in November.

According to the polling memo: “Democratic primary voters continue to believe that Alex Lasry is the Democrat who can beat Ron Johnson. More voters (36%) believe that Alex Lasry has the best chance to beat Ron Johnson, while just 28% say that describes Mandela Barnes and even fewer Sarah Godlewski (11%).”

The poll also shows the race remains a statistical tie as a result of Lasry’s significant momentum. Lasry trails just 30% to 33%, a gap well within the margin of error for this poll.

The polling memo also notes that Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes has failed to increase his support despite starting his paid television advertising in the past several weeks. Further, the poll shows State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski’s campaign losing some of its support from the last time this poll was conducted.

“Every poll continues to show the same thing: this race is tied, and Alex Lasry has the most momentum heading into this August Democratic Primary,” said Campaign Manager Garren Randolph. “At every opportunity Alex has continued to grow his base of support and the polls reflect that. Voters across the state are responding to his message of building an economy that works for everyone and putting more money back into the pockets of working people–which is why they believe he is the best Democrat to beat Ron Johnson in November.”

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Alex Lasry, a Milwaukee Bucks executive running in the Democratic Senate primary, stressed in a phone call that to win the state, Democrats need to replicate the victories of Barack Obama, Senator Tammy Baldwin, Evers, and Joe Biden by paying attention to “places that Democrats neglect and Republicans take for granted.”

Lasry’s campaign said it has experienced a notable uptick in online campaign donations.

“We see what happens when Republicans take over, they continue to make sure that they take away rights for women,” Lasry said.

In the Democratic primary for the Senate seat, a recent poll from Marquette Law School has Barnes leading the field with 25% support among Democrats, followed by Lasry at 21%, Wisconsin treasurer Godlewski at 9% and county executive Tom Nelson at 7%. (The remainder of the field is polling at less than 1%.) In potential matchups against Johnson, Barnes, Godlewski, and Nelson beat out Johnson, whereas Lasry fell short. But the polling suggests that the race against Johnson will be incredibly close with all matchups decided by three-point margins or less.

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.@VanityFair “He is really a true believer when it comes to the oppression of women,” says one Democratic strategist, explaining why Johnson is a perfect test case for Democrats’ message on women’s rights.