Shelton Calls on Legislature to do its Job, Improve Unemployment Insurance Print
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Written by Wisconsin Assembly, Savion Castro   
Wednesday, 20 January 2021 10:26

unemloyment-lines-covid19Working families across Wisconsin are fed up, fixing Wisconsin’s broken unemployment system will take all hands on deck, says new Green Bay legislator.

MADISON, WI ﹘Last week, Governor Evers called for our state leaders to come together by special session to address the critically important issue of fixing Wisconsin’s broken unemployment system. Gov. Evers’ proposal includes a series of common sense solutions to provide Wisconsinites with direct and immediate relief by clearing our Unemployment Insurance (UI) backlog and modernizing our UI technology.

While the special session was set to occur today, Speaker Vos, yet again, gaveled in and gaveled out. Across our state and our country, people have lost their jobs, homes and livelihood due to the economic insecurity linked to COVID-19. Wisconsinites should be able to have their UI claims processed quickly. We cannot afford to wait any further. By refusing to even consider the proposal, legislative Republicans are politicizing the process rather than trying to help the people of our state.

kristina-shelton“Working families across Wisconsin are fed up with our broken unemployment system,” said Representative Shelton. “It is infuriating that after years of intentional sabotage of the Department of Workforce Development by Assembly Republicans, they refuse to do their job by even debating possible solutions. Since the start of the pandemic, Wisconsinites have experienced catastrophic delays in the processing of their unemployment claims. People are struggling to pay their mortgage or rent and to put food on the table. Let’s come together and deliver relief without further delay. We need and deserve immediate action.”

A constituent of the 90th AD, Patricia Bury, provided further comment, ”As a professional woman who has never filed for unemployment before, I cannot believe the difficulty I’ve had receiving my benefits. It has almost led me to the brink of financial ruin. I implore the state legislature to come together to reach a reasonable solution.”

The next Assembly floor session is January 26, 2021. Democrats remain steadfast in our commitment to get Wisconsinites the relief they need now.

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