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Randall Schumann, Madison

Randall Schumann, Madison has not set their biography yet

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  • Coronavirus Outbreak Demonstrates Need For Universal Health Care

    Madison man says the worldwide coronavirus outbreak should be a wake-up call to all Americans, regardless of their politics, that they are vulnerable to the disastrous health and financial devastation of the current "Trump/ GOP No Health Care" position. MADISON - The worldwide coronavirus outbreak is a wake-up call to all Americans about the nee ...
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  • Americans Cannot Allow a King or an Emperor to be in the White House

    When America consisted of 13 colonies 244 years ago, the colonists enacted a Declaration of Independence and forcibly in a war, got rid of America's first "King" -- England's King George III. MADISON, WI - In the 3 years since Donald Trump has been President, he has continually violated his Oath of Office to "uphold the Constitution" which estab ...
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  • Government and Civic Engagement

    Senator Smith writes about the Wisconsin Senate Scholar Program and the importance of participating in our democracy. MADISON - In the Wisconsin State Senate there is a program for high school juniors and seniors to learn more about how your Wisconsin State Senate operates. It’s called the Wisconsin Senate Scholars Program. It is designed fo ...
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  • Power for Power’s Sake

    Sen. Smith writes about how Republicans are using constitutional changes to get around the Governor’s veto pen. MADISON - The best way for anyone in power to hold onto power is to change laws and limit public participation. We have seen that strategy played out many times for over a decade in Wisconsin. Maybe the most obvious was when Tony ...
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  • Be Vigilant of Scammers

    Senator Smith outlines the most common consumer complaints from DATCP and reinforces the importance of protecting personal information from professional scammers. MADISON - Constituents visit the Capitol every week to lobby their Senators and Representatives on topics they care deeply about. Last week, hundreds of people came to Madison ...
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  • Republican State of Obliviousness and Ignorance

    Sen. Smith chides Republicans for attempting to save their members from redistricting and putting forward another variation of a tax cut plan for the wealthy while the Chippewa Valley struggles with the recent health system closure. MADISON - We all have that friend who is completely unaware of their surroundings. That’s called obliviousness. ...
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  • Honoring the Ho-Chunk Code Talkers

    Sen. Smith writes about his work with Ho-Chunk members to advance the Ho-Chunk Code Talkers Memorial Highway bill through the State Senate. These dedicated and brave soldiers helped turn the tide in World War I and II. MADISON - Four years ago, a dedicated individual named Sandy Winneshiek, contacted my office. She had an idea and she was moti ...
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Jan Koch, Shawano

Jan Koch, Shawano has not set their biography yet

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  • Economic Growth Not Felt By Everyone

    Be careful when Trump uses the term “the economy”, it all depends who you are talking about and where they live, says northeastern Wisconsin resident. SHAWANO, WI - “It’s the economy, stupid.” This now infamous phrase has been used to point out how a country is doing financially. Saying that “the economy” in the United States is booming is igno ...
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  • Bold Plans Needed to Save Our Planet

    Climate change is real and increasingly a part of our daily lives. Change won’t take place overnight, but some common-sense steps can be taken immediately. SHAWANO, WI - God created a world in which everything was in perfect harmony. The land and its plants and animals were a part of an ecosystem that worked beautifully. Man should be able to ...
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Fred Risser Press

Fred Risser, State Senator District 26 has not set their biography yet

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  • Vote NO on Marsy’s Law

    Question on Apr 7 ballot, innocuously seeking expansion of crime victims’ rights, masks an amendment twice as long as the Bill of Rights that will alter protections at the foundation of our criminal justice system, says Senator Fred Risser. MADISON - Wisconsin’s April ballot contains a so called victims’ rights question that merits a resounding ...
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Tom Palzewicz, Candidate for Congress

Tom Palzewicz is the Democrat running for Congress in Wisconsin's 5th Congressional District. He is a small-business owner and Navy Veteran running against Scott Fitzgerald in this traditionally red district.

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  • Tom Palzewicz Introduces Himself

    Tom Palzewicz is the Democrat running for Congress in Wisconsin's 5th Congressional District. He is a small-business owner and Navy Veteran running against Scott Fitzgerald in this traditionally red district. BROOKFIELD, WI - Greetings, my name is Tom Palzewicz. I am a small-business owner, Navy Veteran, and Democrat running for Congress in Wisc ...
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