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Written by GOV Press Wisconsin   
Friday, 22 November 2019 16:08

evers-budget-signMADISON - Gov. Tony Evers today acted on nine bills to finish the week. In addition to Assembly Bill 168, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 48, and Senate Bill 74, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 49, that were signed and announced earlier today, the governor acted on the following seven bills:

Senate Bill 86, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 50:

  • Eliminates the existing Type 1 and Type 2 motorcycle definitions;
  • Establishes a new definition for motorcycles;
  • Creates a new classification of motor vehicle called an autocycle;
  • Allows anyone with a regular driver's license to operate an autocycle; and
  • Sets the registration fee for an autocycle at $45 annually.

Senate Bill 106, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 51:

  • Expands on 2017 Act 255 by providing additional licensing and inspection powers to local health departments that are granted agent status to issue retail food establishment licenses for micro markets by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection;
  • Requires the agent inspect a micro market within one year of licensure;
  • Allows a local health department to collect either a prelicensing inspection fee or an annual licensing fee; and
  • Requires that a local health department conducts a prelicensing inspection within two business days after the micro market submits an application for license or issues a retail food establishment license to a micro market and inspects the micro market within one year of issuance.

Senate Bill 290, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 52:

  • Permits the use of nonatomizing CS gel as a personal self-defense device.

Senate Bill 320, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 53:

  • Establishes a process and a reasonable set of criteria for an insurer to follow to prove ownership of a totaled vehicle, if a policyholder fails to transfer the title within 30 days of receiving notice.

Senate Bill 362, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 54:

  • Repeals six refundable income and franchise tax credits that taxpayers may no longer claim due to statutory language that sunset the credits, including the meat processing facility investment credit, the food processing plant and food warehouse investment credit, the film production company investment credit, the film production services credit, the dairy manufacturing facility investment credit, and the beginning farmer and farm asset owner credit;
  • Repeals the woody biomass harvest and processing credit after the final filing deadline for claiming that credit; and
  • Repeals a defunct appropriation that limited the amount paid to the state of Illinois under the income tax reciprocity program between 1997 and 2000.

Senate Bill 495, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 55:

  • Makes technical changes to the application deadline dates for the statewide parental choice program to ensure that the deadline does not fall on a weekend;
  • Modifies the statute that specifies accrediting agencies to reflect the name change from AdvancED to Cognia, Inc.; and
  • Requires notice, rather than a letter, is required for evidence of accreditation for any school participating in a parental choice program.

Gov. Evers today also vetoed Senate Bill 60. Veto message here.

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