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Trump’s Trade War is Hurting Local Economies From Manitowoc to Kaukauna to Edgar PDF Print E-mail
Written by WisDems Press, Philip Shulman   
Saturday, 19 October 2019 16:06

door-county-peopleTrump has created a ripple effect with his asinine trade policies that will not stop spreading for a long time.

MADISON - From an aluminum factory in Manitowoc, to local labor in Kaukauna, to a ginseng farmer in Edgar, small business owners, workers, farmers, and local economies alike are being crushed by Trump’s erratic trade war with China.

It is clear that even if the trade war were to end tomorrow, Trump has created a ripple effect with his asinine trade policies that will not stop spreading for a long time. This comes after promising he’d bring back manufacturing jobs; Wisconsin lost over 5,200 factory jobs over the past year, the second most of any state. This comes after promising wages would rise; wages have been stagnant while analysts find his trade war could cost the average family up to $1,000 a year. And this comes after promising farmers he’d have their backs; on average three farms are closing a day.

Trump has broken promise after promise after promise to Wisconsinites, and they can’t afford another four years of his broken promises.


Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels meets with Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry CEO Sachin Shivaram and USW Local 125 Vice President Marcos Alfaro to discuss the ripple effect of the trade war.

Following her announcement to run for the 7th Congressional District, Tricia Zunker met with local ginseng farmer Cody Soczca to discuss how farmers are being crushed because of Trump.

State Assembly Representative and 8th Congressional candidate Amanda Stuck held a roundtable with a small business owner, union members, and a farmer to discuss how they are dealing with the tariffs.

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