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Ron Johnson Puts on Performance for Trump PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Courtney Beyer   
Monday, 07 October 2019 16:08

ron-johnson-quibbles"Clearly Johnson cares more about earning the affection of Trump than he cares about the integrity of our democracy," say Dems.

MADISON -- In an unhinged interview on Sunday’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, Sen. Ron Johnson gave cover to President Trump’s gross abuse of power to solicit foreign interference in U.S. elections, and instead deflected direct questions on his knowledge of the alleged quid pro quo by promulgating debunked conspiracy theories.

Johnson’s Trumpian performance, replete with attacks on the press and U.S. intelligence community, earned the praise of President Trump, who tweeted later that day that Johnson was a “highly respeacted Senator.” 

Johnson has been carrying water for President Trump ever since news broke that Trump asked Ukraine’s president to investigate his political enemies. Johnson referred to the call with Ukraine as “gracious” and expressed no concern with Trump asking Ukraine and China to interfere in our elections. In his Sunday interview with Chuck Todd, Johnson said he’s “pretty sympathetic with what Trump’s going through.” 

“Ron Johnson is an embarrassment to our state,” said Ben Wikler, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Instead of honoring his constitutional duty to protect our nation from all enemies domestic and foreign, Johnson is running interference for a President who’s openly admitted to the crime he’s accused of. Clearly Johnson cares more about earning the affection of Trump than he cares about the integrity of our democracy.”

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