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Foxconn Two Years Later: Broken Promises, Lack of Details Define Sketchy Project PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wisconsin Assembly, Aaron Collins   
Thursday, 25 July 2019 09:31

trump-walker-foxconn-2016Wisconsin taxpayers deserve transparency and accountability.

MADISON – Tomorrow, July 26th, marks the two year anniversary of former Governor Scott Walker joining President Trump at the White House to announce that Foxconn would be building an LCD factory in Wisconsin. Since that announcement, Foxconn has continually changed the scope of the project, the timeline, the number of expected employees, the size of the facility, and more.

gordon_hintzAssembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statement on this anniversary:

“What was originally proposed, passed in enabling legislation, and signed into contract is a project that no longer exists by Foxconn’s own admission. After two years of uncertainty, the reality is we still have very little idea of what is going to take place, what Foxconn is going to be manufacturing, and whether it’s remotely viable in the current market,” Rep. Hintz stated.

Foxconn: Then vs. Now:


Original Proposal

Current Status

Type of Facility

Gen 10.5

Gen 6(???)




$10 billion

Unknown (industry experts say a Gen 6 facility requires up to a $2.5 billion investment)

Jobs Promised


Approximately 1,500*

Facility Sq. Footage

20    million Sq. Feet

1.1 million Sq. Feet

(1/18th of original size)

Innovation Centers

Green Bay, Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Racine, Madison

Currently empty

Type of workers

75% Assembly Line, 25% Engineers

90% Engineers, 10% Assembly Line**

*This is only according to Foxconn, and has not been verified by any economic analysis of the project. No details have been provided on the actual jobs or what they might produce.

**These statistics are the latest comments we have from Foxconn on job classifications. From interview with Louis Woo in the Racine Journal Times, 8.22.18.

“It’s pretty astounding that we actually know less now than we did in 2017. At this point Foxconn’s credibility is so shattered that they’re going to have to show some results to build any level of trust with the people of our state.”

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