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Senate Passes Republican Budget Changes, Sends to Governor PDF Print E-mail
Written by GBP Staff   
Thursday, 27 June 2019 09:44

wisconsin_senateLocal needs cut back as GOP lines up the votes it needed on Wednesday.

MADISON, WI - The Senate approved the budget 17-16 Wednesday, with 2 Republicans joining the 14 Democrats against it. It didn't take long. No late night, secret sessions needed.

The GOP majority included a few last minute changes to help bring Sen. Chris Kapenga (R - Delafield) along, like the provision to allow electric car manufacturer Tesla to open dealerships in Wisconsin passed Tuesday by the Assembly, but endorsed most of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) recommendations that effectively removed most of Gov. Tony Evers’ policy proposals from the budget.

The JFC budget plan blocks Gov. Evers’ proposal to invest $1.4 billion more in local schools, giving them $500 million instead, and cuts Medicaid expansion, legalizing marijuana and raising the minimum wage. The University of Wisconsin System tuition freeze continues.

dave-hansen-gb“Despite the absence of Scott Walker, the Republicans and their priorities haven’t changed," said Sen. Dave Hansen (D - Green Bay) in a statement after the passage. "Protect corporations and their rich friends at the expense of the people and continue to put their faith that their gerrymander will save them."

“Governor Evers put forward a budget that truly put a priority on helping level the playing field between corporate interests and average people," said Hansen. "The Republicans’ response was to throw it out and adopt more of the same from their failed policies of the last eight years."

He continues, “It is an unfortunate missed opportunity to address the deep cuts Republicans originally made to our public schools and universities, their neglect of our roads and highways, their choice to put profit over protecting our environment and their continued and illogical refusal to follow the lead of the over 70% of Wisconsinites, many of them Republicans, who believe we should take back our federal tax dollars through the Medicaid expansion."

“At some point, the Republicans in Madison need to get over the fact that Scott Walker lost and Governor Evers won and find a way to work with him for the best interests of all the people in our state,” the Senator concludes.

The budget now moves on to Gov. Evers for signature or veto.


Jay Wadd provided the Hansen statement.

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