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Written by Commoners for Mike McCabe, Christine Welcher   
Monday, 23 July 2018 16:48

mike-mccabeMike is a different kind of gubernatorial candidate at a time when this state needs some different approaches to our issues.

ALTOONA, WI - McCabe’s People Powered campaign has surpassed most pundits’ expectations. With over 90,000 miles, more than 400 events, and 2,800+ volunteers working for the campaign, it’s safe to say this is more than just a campaign to elect your average politician—it’s a movement that is building a home for the politically homeless in Wisconsin.

Some of these passionate and dedicated activists will be featured in a series of social media posts and ads as part of a project titled, “Growing the People Powered Movement,” to be released beginning on Tuesday, July 24.

"18 months ago Mike inspired me to make a significant life change and work on his campaign because I truly believe that a better future is possible if and ONLY if we cut the ties of dark money in politics. Mike's ideas and vision are motivating thousands of people like me to get involved and believe that change is possible. This is truly an example of a movement meeting the big money machine,” said Beth Hartung, Events Director for the campaign. “I believe we have already won because Mike's message has forced the other candidates in the race to sound more and more like him and this is good for Wisconsin."

mccabe-gov-headerThe Principle Over Party campaign emphasizes volunteer-driven grassroots campaigning as McCabe is the only candidate in the race refusing to take the huge political donations candidates for governor can legally accept. While state law allows donations as large as $20,000 from individuals and $86,000 from political action committees, McCabe’s Principle Over Party campaign is not taking any single donation over $200 and no more than a total of $1,000 for the entire campaign.

“We don’t have the big money, but when it comes to grassroots organizational strength ours is by far the richest campaign in the race,” campaign manager Christine Welcher said. “This is about overcoming money power with people power, which is what we need to win in November.”

“Not everyone understands why we are in this fight,” continued Welcher. “It’s so much more than 1 election or 1 candidate. It’s about giving the people of Wisconsin a voice again. It’s about transforming the system so it works for all of us, not just the privileged few and daring to dream of Wisconsin's true potential.”

The campaign started with just 3 staff and a handful of volunteers on Sept 12, 2017. Over the last 10 months it has grown to thousands of supporters, donors and volunteers in every county around the state. Every one of the hundreds of stops has produced new supporters.

One such new supporter, Marcia Gjertson, had this to say, “Mike is a different kind of candidate at a time when this state needs some different approaches to our issues. We need to get back to basics ... equality for all, protection of our environment, improved economic development, redesign of our education system and, most importantly, genuine care for others. Mike has led the field with plans in all these areas. Now it seems a lot of the other candidates are just repeating what he's said from the start.”

During Meet and Greets for Mike around the state current supporters, as well as people who had heard him for the first time, were given the opportunity to comment. These short interview clips will be released on social media under the title, “Growing the People Powered Movement.” Interviews will be released starting on Tuesday, July 24, and continuing until the primary election.

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