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Written by Wisconsin Conservation Voters, Ryan Billingham   
Tuesday, 03 October 2017 15:07

flambeau-openpitIndustrial Acid Mining Bill would repeal the Prove It First mining law that has protected Wisconsin from the devastating effects of sulfide mining.

MADISON - Sen. Tom Tiffany’s disastrous Senate Bill 395 – or more accurately the Industrial Acid Mining Bill – will be up for a vote in committee tomorrow, and there are indications he will make minor amendments in an attempt to get the toxic bill passed.

metallic-sulfide-mining-runoffThe bill would repeal the Prove It First mining law, a gold standard, bipartisan law enacted 20 years ago that has protected Wisconsin from the devastating effects of sulfide mining – like poisoned rivers, ecological dead zones, and toxic drinking water – for a generation.

The bill is up for a vote Wednesday in the committee Tiffany chairs, the Sporting Heritage, Mining, and Forestry Committee. Tiffany is expected to make token amendments to the bill in an attempt to hoodwink the public, which overwhelmingly opposes the bill.

“The Prove It First mining law works, period,” said Kerry Schumann, executive director. “Senate Bill 395 cannot be fixed with amendments. No one is foolish enough to believe this bill can be made better while still repealing Prove It First, but Sen. Tiffany obviously thinks so.”

Opposition to the bill, which now has an Assembly counterpart – AB 499, is strong and intensifying daily. The public has generated more than 6,600 emails, letters, and phone calls to legislators in opposition to the bill. That includes more than 200 local elected officials who signed a letter opposing the bill presented to legislators.

“We call on the committee and all legislators to oppose SB 395,” Schumann said. “This legislation will open up Wisconsin to America’s most toxic industry, leave local communities suffering its toxic consequences, and hand taxpayers the bill.”

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