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Governor Walker’s Failed Leadership Undermining Wisconsin’s Prosperity PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Gordon Hintz Press, Rep. 54th Assembly District   
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 18:30

road-closed-delayWalker’s 2017-19 Capital Budget proposal funds just more than 50 percent (53.5%) of the level in the 2009-11 budget, increasing transportation debt and setting our state further behind.

MADISON – Governor Walker’s inability to effectively govern on transportation infrastructure funding is now causing problems for the state’s crumbling building infrastructure. For the fourth straight budget, Governor Walker has failed to address Wisconsin’s transportation funding crisis, choosing to instead rely on increased borrowing and delaying scheduled highway projects, despite the state’s sorry status of having the third worst roads in the country. Under Governor Walker, debt service as a percent of transportation revenue has nearly doubled, and Wisconsin now spends over 20 cents of every dollar of transportation revenues paying debt.

gordon_hintzAs a result of the increased debt issued to fund transportation, Governor Walker has decimated the state’s building infrastructure programs for the UW System and other state agencies. In October, 2016, the UW Board of Regents indicated that the backlog of needed repairs in the University of Wisconsin System has grown to an estimated cost of $2 billion. Governor Walker’s 2017-19 Capital Budget proposal funds just more than 50 percent (53.5%) of the level in the 2009-11 budget.

Nothing says 21st century economy like 1970s university facilities. Governor Walker is intentionally holding up capital projects as a way to cover up his increased borrowing for roads. Our state – whether it be our roads or state buildings or universities – is literally falling apart. Meanwhile, as projects and repairs are ignored, the costs to maintain our infrastructure is steadily increasing. What family or business makes decisions like that?

The Governor repeatedly chooses to make the least responsible decision. It is not more responsible to borrow money and cripple Wisconsin’s infrastructure and ability to compete in the global economy.  Instead of worrying about a cheap 2018 campaign soundbite, the Governor should step up, be a leader, and actually govern our state before the problems he created get any worse.

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