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Written by Nelson for Wisconsin   
Monday, 30 January 2017 19:53

donald-trumpPresident Trump's order on immigrants has sparked spontaneous and overwhelming demonstrations across the nation and world. Stand with us and be Americans. Add your name to our petition.

APPLETON, WI - Not since the Vietnam War has our country witnessed such a spontaneous and overwhelming demonstration against a president's actions.

And rightfully so.

President Trump's executive order is not who we are.

muslim-ban-airportWe are a nation of immigrants founded on the unwavering belief that all men are created equal and in God's image. And we are, as St. Matthew wrote, that "bright shining city on a hill" that embraces those escaping persecution and who seek a better life.

Consider just a few of those stopped at our airports: the family member of a US Army soldier, a translator for our armed forces, doctors, scientists, mothers, fathers...

Add your name to our petition and stand up to Donald Trump >>>

And President Trump's executive order will not make us safer.

In fact, it will do just the opposite.

It will feed into the lies ISIS uses to recruit terrorists, strain crucial relations with our allies and put our safety at risk both home and abroad.

While not one Wisconsin Republican has denounced Trump, I am proud of Senator Tammy Baldwin, Congressman Kind, Congresswoman Moore, Congressman Pocan and thousands of Wisconsinites all around our great state who have stood up against this un-American, and un-Wisconsin executive order.

Stand up to Donald Trump before it's too late >>>

We need all Wisconsinites and Americans to stand strong, united and in one voice. We will not go quietly.

Fight hard and let your voices be heard.


Tom Nelson

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