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Written by WisDems Press   
Monday, 19 February 2024 11:55

voting-2020MADISON, Wis. — In response to today’s signing of new district maps for the Wisconsin State Legislature by Gov. Evers, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler issued the following statement:

“The long, dark night of ultra-partisan gerrymandering is over, and a new day for democracy now dawns in the Badger State.

“The stroke of Governor Evers’s pen today marks the end of the shameful period that began in 2011, when Republican lawmakers—bound in secrecy by nondisclosure agreements as they worked with operatives at a lobbying firm—drew legislative lines that guaranteed that even landslide election losses wouldn’t cost them their majorities. The result was one of the most egregious, extreme partisan gerrymanders in American political history.

“Ever since, Republican politicians in Wisconsin have used their power to take more power away from the people of our state—restricting access to the ballot, removing authorities that voters had entrusted to statewide elected officials like the Governor and Attorney General, and smashing the freedoms of workers to organize and advocate for themselves. For thirteen years, the democracy-proof legislature has been laying siege to democracy itself. 

“Last April, years of tireless organizing culminated with Wisconsinites electing Justice Janet Protasiewicz in a landslide, charting a new course for our state that has led us to the new, vastly fairer maps signed into law by Gov. Evers today. In November, at long last, Wisconsin voters will have a real choice in who represents them in Madison. The majority will determine the majority. 

“The candidate recruitment process now goes into overdrive. And at the same time, we remain vigilant in case Republican politicians in Madison and their allies once again, through the courts or any other strategy, attempt to thwart majority rule. 

“Today, we made progress towards true democracy in Wisconsin—thanks to the efforts of so many grassroots activists, tireless supporters, and elected leaders. We stand ready to fight back against any attempt by Republicans to undermine the path towards democracy and accountability, and we commit to doing everything in our power to ending the Speakership of Robin Vos and paving the way towards a Democratic trifecta that can, at long last, translate the will of the people of Wisconsin into the law of the land.”

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