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Clancy Scoffs at Rhetorical Stunt about the “Victims of Communism” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ryan Clancy Press   
Tuesday, 07 November 2023 16:21

assembly-wi-robin-vosRepublicans should spend time on real issues facing working-class communities.

MADISON, Wis. - Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed AJR85, a joint resolution that commemorates the “Victims of Communism Memorial Day.”

Representative Clancy (D-19) issued the following statement:

“We have victims of capitalism right here in Wisconsin.

ryan-clancyImagine explaining to someone from a country not as dominated by capitalism that one out of every five of our children here in Wisconsin lacks adequate food, that families are crying out for access to child care and rental protections, and that everywhere from our neighborhoods to our prisons people just want their basic rights and needs met.

Imagine explaining to someone, thousands of miles away, that we have access to a four billion dollar surplus, and that we have the obvious solutions to these problems right in front of us, but that the party in power refuses to even give these bills hearings.

Imagine explaining that rather than addressing our own gulags, our inability to feed our children equitably, or our own lack of freedoms - as a distraction from our own inaction - we’re instead going to criticize a concept that the authors are unable to distinguish from authoritarianism. We do not need to peer decades into the past, or thousands of miles away, to find evidence of the harm caused by despots with an open contempt for the working class.”

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