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Open Letter to My State Representative and Senator PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark Smith, Oconto Falls, WI   
Friday, 29 September 2023 10:42

assembly-wi-robin-vosOconto Falls, WI - Voter from up north is looking for honesty from Republican representatives in Madison.

Dear Senator and Representative,

I happen to think both of you are pretty good even though you are Republicans, so I will try to be very polite.  My impression of politics is that, the more local the politics, the more pragmatic and truth-based politicians become as they represent and face their local constituents.

Candidly speaking however, an impeachment of a state supreme court justice who has barely started her job and won by 11% seems just plain wrong.  After all, Judge Janet ran on her values, not pending or nonexistent-at-the-time court cases.  How can informed voters be bad in a democratic election?  My father was a strong Republican and must be turning over in his grave!

I am an excellent example of a person who lives 20 miles from the city of Green Bay, yet is represented by a senator in Irma 118 miles from me- a place I have never been and, given my fixed income and limited financial means, I am unlikely to visit even if I find it.  We both know the reason why- to dilute my vote and marginalize me through power-play gerrymandering so a minority can undemocratically keep power.

I hope and pray that you will be the kind of Republican my father was, one who would have believed lying and stealing power regardless of reason is never right and in the long term, nothing good can ever come of such behavior.

Mark Smith

Oconto Falls, WI

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