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Agard: GOP’s Undemocratic Actions to Oust Wisconsin’s Top Election Official PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melissa Agard Press   
Thursday, 14 September 2023 16:13

wi-elections-commMADISON - Today, the State Senate took action on the improper and illegal nomination of Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s top election official. Senate Democratic Leader Melissa Agard (D-Madison) released the following statement on the Senate’s action:

melissa-agard“The Wisconsin State Senate cannot entertain a confirmation for an appointment that is not properly before them. Yet, today, they voted to reject the confirmation of Meagan Wolfe as the Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The actions taken today are illegitimate and Meagan Wolfe should continue to serve in her current position.

“Meagan Wolfe was previously unanimously confirmed by the State Senate in 2019, and she is well-regarded and trusted by election officials across the nation. Meagan Wolfe played an integral role in the administration of elections throughout the duration of a global pandemic and she continues to ensure that Wisconsin’s elections remain free, fair, and secure.

“Legislative Republicans continue to sow mistrust in our democratic process by uplifting Donald Trump’s Big Lie. The GOP’s actions today align with their decade-long crusade of undermining Wisconsin’s sacred democratic ways and engaging in a series of power-grabs to cement their rule.

“My Democratic colleagues and I will continue to speak truth to power. We honor the voices of ordinary Wisconsinites and will work tirelessly to ensure their choices and values are reflected by the people who represent them.”

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