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Wisconsin Republicans Attempt to Illegally Fire State’s Elections Administrator PDF Print E-mail
Written by GOV Press Wisconsin   
Thursday, 14 September 2023 14:41

voting-2020Move comes two days after Republicans announce new push to have redistricting conducted by Legislature. Governor requests immediate Wisconsin Department of Justice representation, lawsuit to defend elections administrator.

MADISON — Gov. Evers today slammed Wisconsin Republicans’ ongoing efforts to interfere with Wisconsin’s elections by attempting to illegally fire the state’s chief elections administrator.

The move represents a continued escalation by Wisconsin Republicans in recent years to attempt to take over Wisconsin’s elections. Just two days ago, Wisconsin Republicans also announced they are rushing through new legislation aimed at ensuring the redistricting in Wisconsin is conducted by Legislature-picked, Legislature-approved map drawers. The New York Times has called Republicans’ efforts in Wisconsin in the wake of the 2020 election “an all-out assault on the state’s election system” that is “broader and more forceful than that in any other state.”

Gov. Evers today also announced he is officially requesting the Wisconsin Department of Justice provide immediate representation and file suit to defend Wisconsin’s elections administrator to ensure she can continue to remain in her role.

Gov. Evers released the following statement:

tony-evers“Wisconsin Republicans’ attempt to illegally fire Wisconsin’s elections administrator without cause today shows they are continuing to escalate efforts to sow distrust and disinformation about our elections, denigrate our clerks, poll workers, and election administrators, and undermine basic tenets of our democracy, including the peaceful transfer of power.

Just days after Republicans announced they want Legislature-picked, Legislature-approved map drawers to conduct redistricting, Republicans today demonstrated why they cannot be trusted with that important responsibility—because they will threaten, intimidate, punish, and even attempt to illegally fire anyone who stands in the way of their relentless pursuit to retain political power.

Our chief election administrator is a consummate, qualified professional who’s worked in voter registration and outreach and election security for more than a decade—experience that I have no doubt was among the reasons she was unanimously confirmed by many of these same Republicans just a few years ago.

I’m requesting the Wisconsin Department of Justice provide immediate representation to defend Ms. Wolfe so she can remain in this important role.”

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