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Agard Denounces Republican Bill to Control Women's Healthcare Decisions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melissa Agard Press   
Wednesday, 15 March 2023 12:49

assembly-wi-robin-vosMADISON – Today, Wisconsin Republicans put forth legislation to place severe restrictions on abortion access in the State of Wisconsin. Senator Agard released the following statement:

melissa-agard“I, like the majority of Wisconsinites, believe that we must repeal the state's 1849 criminal abortion ban and restore the rights, liberties, and freedoms that were afforded to women under Roe. There is absolutely no room for a politician in the doctor's office of any individual.”

“The legislation put forth by my Republican’s colleagues is both out of touch and out of line with the people of Wisconsin. The bill builds on a law that was passed over 170 years ago - before women were allowed to vote and when people were allowed to be owned for their labor.

“Republicans are simply flailing after suffering unexpected defeat during last year’s midterm elections, in large part because of their draconian position on abortion access. The proposed legislation is misguided and wholly inadequate. They are sorely mistaken in their hopes that it will placate Wisconsin women.”

“Any legislation that does not provide a woman with autonomy of her own body and her own healthcare decisions is a nonstarter for my caucus. Abortion care is healthcare.”

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