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Lasry Releases New TV Ad “Not Much,” Slamming Ron Johnson For Shipping Jobs Out Of Wisconsin PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Alex Lasry Press   
Friday, 29 July 2022 08:25

alex-lasryMilwaukee – Today, Alex Lasry released a new TV ad slamming Ron Johnson for shipping jobs out of Wisconsin.

This new ad buy shows a significant additional commitment from Alex Lasry to unseating Ron Johnson this fall. The $584,000 ad buy will run in the Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay markets. 

“I’m calling for all Wisconsin Democrats to come together now behind Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and make sure we have a laser focus on beating Ron Johnson and reelecting Governor Tony Evers this November–which is why I’m setting the tone by significantly investing in the future of this race and Wisconsin,” said Alex Lasry. “We must do everything we can right now to ensure that Mandela is getting the help he needs to make a better Wisconsin for everyone. Ron Johnson is one of the greatest threats to our Democracy and it’s time that we unite around Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes to defeat him this November.”

Lasry knows the stakes are just too high and that the single best thing we can do for Wisconsin, and for America, is to beat Ron Johnson, and that must start now.




Alex Lasry: I'm Alex Lasry and I approve this message.

Narrator: What does Make-It-In-America mean to Ron Johnson ?

Not Much.

The record shows Johnson defended a company that moved Wisconsin jobs overseas…

…praising outsourcing as “economically efficient” because products can be made “dirt cheap” in other countries.

And Johnson personally profited from a tax law that rewarded companies who outsource American jobs to China.

That’s Ron Johnson: Selling out American jobs to make more for himself.

Talk about "dirt cheap."

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