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Johnson’s outsourcing incentives are hurting Wisconsin workers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jarret Brown, Green Bay   
Wednesday, 17 November 2021 12:05

ron-johnsonGREEN BAY - Wisconsin has a long, proud history of making things right here in the Badger State. And while manufacturing and blue-collar jobs have certainly taken a hit in our state, Senator Ron Johnson has been pouring gasoline on the fire by incentivizing corporations that outsource our jobs to other countries. Not only did Senator Johnson vote for former President Donald Trump’s tax scam that included rewards for outsourcing, but he also rewrote the law to benefit his wealthy corporate donors.

In places like Green Bay, we get up, go to work, and come home. We do this day in and day out because we take pride in hard work. When I hear about politicians like Senator Johnson making it easier for big corporations to bankrupt Badger State towns and communities, I can’t stay silent.

We deserve a U.S. Senator that will fight for Wisconsin’s working families instead of the wealthy and well-connected. Senator Johnson has spent his entire career looking out for his deep-pocketed donors. It’s time he starts working for us.

Jarrett Brown
Green Bay, WI

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