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Hong Condemns Passage of Gerrymandered Maps PDF Print E-mail
Written by Francesca Yunjung Hong Press   
Friday, 12 November 2021 11:46

voter-us-electionsGerrymandering disintegrates democracy and serves only the majority power of elected officials, says lawmaker.

MADISON — Rep. Francesca Hong (D-76) issued the following statement:

francesca-yunjung-hong“I am shaken, enraged and broken after witnessing WI Republicans undermine democracy today with the passage of a gerrymandered map, again. My GOP colleagues have doubled down on maintaining power through a rigged and unconstitutional manner that defies the will of the people.”

“Gerrymandering disintegrates democracy and serves only the majority power of elected officials and not the people of the state. Instead of living in a Wisconsin that provides opportunity for all, we are living in a Wisconsin that serves the privileged few.”

“The will and power of the people is deeply connected to their abilities to hold their elected officials accountable. Republicans continue to ignore the facts, the numbers, the truth that Wisconsin is a purple state. With the gerrymandered map 2.0 they are hell-bent and keeping us in the deep red. This undemocratic and irresponsible act will continue to keep Wisconsin back when it should be the people moving us forward. While I am deeply disappointed in today’s outcome, the people’s voice will always be first in the office of the 76th.

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