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LAB Says 2020 Election Safe and Secure PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melissa Agard Press   
Friday, 22 October 2021 21:20

donald-trump-rally-milwNon-partisan audit puts "The Big Lie" to bed, again.

MADISON - Today, the Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) released its report of Elections Administrations for the 2020 election. The LAB is a nationally recognized, non-partisan agency that supports the Legislature in its oversight of Wisconsin state government and its promotion of efficient and effective state operations. The audit released today showed that the 2020 election was safe and secure.

The Democratic members of the audit committee released the following statement:

jfcphoto“The audit released today yet again shows that Wisconsin’s elections are free, accurate, fair, and secure. Despite all the challenges our local election officials faced in the midst of unprecedented circumstances, there is still no evidence to prove any claims that proponents of The Big Lie peddle. It is time to put these falsehoods to rest.

“This audit showed what we already know - faced with impossible challenges, our clerks administered a safe, secure, and fair election. In order to continue supporting their integral work, the legislature should prioritize increasing resources for training, technology, and staffing. It is irresponsible, and simply untrue, for Republicans to continue insinuating that the 2020 election wasn’t administered appropriately. There was no fraud. The election administration was carried out with integrity and accuracy. End of story.

“With the odds stacked against our local clerks, they ran a safe and secure election. We must thank our clerks properly and put these nonsensical falsehoods to bed. Our decentralized election process ensures our elections are accessible, safe, and secure. It’s time to move on.”

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