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Robin Vos “Burning Through” Taxpayer Dollars to Destroy Trust in Wisconsin’s Elections PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 26 August 2021 09:03

trump-insurgents-enterReince Priebus Reveals WI GOP’s Sham Election Review Could Cost Taxpayers Nearly $700,0000

MADISON, Wis. -- In a scathing editorial today, The Capital Times editorial board slammed Assembly Speaker Robin Vos for failing to stand up to Donald Trump’s lies and using taxpayer dollars to undermine confidence in our elections, saying, “With each passing week, Vos and his bumbling henchman — disgraced former Wisconsin Supreme Justice Michael Gableman — have upped the ante, amplifying the big lie and burning through more tax dollars.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported today that former Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus said Robin Vos’s sham election review could cost Wisconsin taxpayers as much as $680,000. After Priebus broke the news, Vos confirmed he has allocated additional resources for “independent contractors” to bring Arizona’s Cyber Ninja circus to Wisconsin.

A recount, a report from Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security, and multiple rulings by courts in Wisconsin proved that the 2020 Wisconsin election was secure time and again.

If Vos was honest, the ed board said, “He would have rejected the lie long ago and told Trump to crawl back into the swamps of Mar-a-Lago.”

Read the full editorial here.

“This is such a joke - Robin Vos is letting Trump and his lackeys walk all over him, and Wisconsin,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Kayla Anderson. “Republicans aren’t in Madison to help Wisconsinites, they’re there to help themselves. If Robin Vos and his caucus actually cared about Wisconsin, they’d focus their energy on expanding affordable health care, fully investing in equity in education, or encouraging people to get the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine - instead they’re taking plane rides with Donald Trump and spending taxpayer money on undermining our democratic elections. It’s pathetic.”

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