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Hintz on Gov. Evers Signing 2021-23 Budget PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Gordon Hintz Press, Rep. 54th Assembly District   
Friday, 09 July 2021 09:20

assembly-wiEvers has put the legislature in a position to restore more of the school funding that Republicans cut from his original budget, says Oshkosh representative.

MADISON - Rep. Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statement on Governor Evers signing the 2021-23 state budget and announce the investment of $100 million federal dollars in Wisconsin’s public schools:

gordon_hintz“Gov. Evers introduced a budget which would have invested in Wisconsin’s public schools, brought in millions in federal funding while increasing access to affordable health care, spurred economic development, and provided needed resources for local governments. Unfortunately, legislative Republicans prioritized partisan politics at the expense of the best interests of our state throughout the budget process. Their actions over the past two-and-a-half years leave no doubt they would have been willing to walk away from any vetoed budget, risking Wisconsin’s economic security and stability for many months to come.

“I commend Gov. Evers for acting in the best interests of the people by using his partial veto authority to address some of Republicans’ misplaced priorities and providing certainty for our state. Gov. Evers’ actions today demonstrate that he won’t punish our state in order to engage in tired political fights, and show once again that the people of Wisconsin are always his top priority.

“I also applaud Gov. Evers for announcing the investment of $100 million new federal dollars in Wisconsin schools. The future of our kids is paramount, and this investment will provide critically important resources in light of Republicans’ education cuts. At the same time, we know that much more school funding is needed to avoid cuts and layoffs in the next two years. Through today’s partial vetoes, Gov. Evers has put the legislature in a position to restore more of the school funding that Republicans cut from his original budget. I call on legislative Republicans to act immediately to fund our schools and invest in our kids’ future.”

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