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AFSCME Wisconsin Supports Essential City of Milwaukee Employees PDF Print E-mail
Written by AFSCME Wisconsin, Valerie Landowski   
Thursday, 27 May 2021 11:06

covid-19-workersUnion asking that Mayor Barrett and the Common Council acknowledge workers' sacrifices to Milwaukee residents.

MILWAUKEE - During the Covid-19 pandemic, public workers heroically served City of Milwaukee residents on the frontline. Recently, AFSCME members organized a petition to acknowledge the risks to employees’ health and safety and to demand policies which support essential workers. This week, workers will deliver the petition to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and the Milwaukee Common Council.

Demands in the petition include instituting a meet and confer process in the Milwaukee city ordinances which allows for discussion between city management and employees, and permits workers to provide input on their wages, hours, and working conditions. The petition also addresses the lack of meaningful wage increase in over two years, and the disparity between police and fire workers receiving hazard pay which many essential city employees lack.

AFSCME Wisconsin Local 47 President and petition organizer Mark Pelzek stated, “working through this pandemic has been stressful for City employees. The potential for being exposed to Covid-19 and the possibility to bringing the virus home to our families has been on our minds as we try to do our jobs. Despite furloughs, reduced hours and pay, and the inherent danger of the pandemic, City employees provided many, if not all, services that Milwaukee citizens rely upon. Hazard pay for essential City employees is a necessary way to recognize the continued work of public servants and acknowledges our dedication to our City.”

AFSCME Wisconsin Local 47 petition organizer Stacey Tyler stated, “for over a year, we experienced great risks to our health and safety to serve the city we love. We’re asking that Mayor Barrett and the Common Council acknowledge our essential sacrifices to Milwaukee residents. We demand that they stand with essential workers, as we’ve stood with our city.”

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