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Republicans Turn their Back on Wisconsinites with Budget Votes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melissa Agard Press   
Friday, 07 May 2021 10:15

door-county-peopleWith Republican led votes to strip nearly 300 provisions from the budget, the people of Wisconsin lose out on life-changing and life-saving provisions.

MADISON - Thursday, the Joint Finance Committee met to strip hundreds of provisions from the proposed 2021-23 state budget. On the chopping block are: cannabis legalization, expanding Medicaid, gun safety measures, provisions to address climate change, and much more.

Senator Agard (D-Madison) released this statement following the JFC vote:

melissa-agard-sargent“Budgets reflect priorities and values. By taking out these provisions, Republicans are turning their backs on what people across our state value and prioritize: legal cannabis, affordable healthcare, common sense gun legislation, clean water, and so much more. They are turning their backs on life saving and life changing budget provisions that could positively impact every corner of our state. It is shameful to see my Republican colleagues continuing to put politics over the people they serve.

“Governor Evers crafted this budget by doing what all elected officials should be doing - listening to the people of Wisconsin and addressing their needs. A majority of Wisconsinites support affordable healthcare, legal cannabis, and much more that was taken out of the budget. We cannot afford to continue ignoring the needs of our state. The people of Wisconsin are our bosses, we cannot legislate without listening to them.

“If Republicans want to take up these issues separately, then let’s actually take them up. I call on my Republican colleagues to move the polices forward that they claim do not belong in the budget. Let’s discuss these policies on their merits in public hearings, executive sessions, and on the floor. We all lose when we ignore the will of the people. Shame on Wisconsin Republicans for ignoring them now.”

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