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Written by Priorities Wisconsin, Cassidy Geoghegan   
Saturday, 04 April 2020 08:14

trump-lashesPolitical group takes a look at what folks across Wisconsin are saying about Trump’s failed leadership in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

MADISON - The number of Wisconsinites who’ve died from COVID-19 is nearing 40, the number of unemployment claims in Wisconsin is skyrocketing, and nonfarm jobs contracted by 701,000 nationally this month — the largest decline since 2009.

And many who recently lost their jobs will soon be without health insurance. As the pandemic rages on, Trump is turning his back on Wisconsinites by refusing to allow people to find insurance on the ACA marketplace.

It didn’t have to be this way.

Trump’s failure to take action early on has undoubtedly put our lives at risk. Just on Sunday, Trump claimed that the U.S. is doing more testing for coronavirus than any other country in the world. He has also claimed that “anybody that wants a test can get a test.” But proportionate to our population, that is simply not true. Meanwhile, many Wisconsin residents, including health care workers working on the frontlines, say they “have not been able to get tested despite having concerning symptoms — fever, coughing and sometimes shortness of breath.”

Wisconsinites are taking notice of Trump’s failed leadership, and are putting more of their trust in Governor Evers rather than the president, following a trend amongst battleground states. Voters’ approval of Evers’s handling of coronavirus is more than 20 points higher than Trump’s.

Take a look at what folks across Wisconsin are saying about Trump’s failed leadership in the face of the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Wisconsin State Journal (March 25, 2020): Trump's inaction is leading to deaths -- Amanda Kemnitz

    “By the time flights were halted, the virus was already in our country. And due to the aggressive nature of its transmission, it had already spread. In the meantime, as recently as a Feb. 28 rally, President Donald Trump was calling criticism of his handling of the coronavirus a "hoax." This, as well as the lack of preparedness of the U.S. government, has clearly caused more deaths with many more to come.”

  • Wisconsin State Journal (March 23, 2020): Trump's response has been a disaster -- David F. Olson

    “Surely his [President Trump’s] policies and decisions have had a negative influence during the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as he took control of this country, President Trump abolished a program designed by the Obama administration to mitigate an epidemic. A few weeks ago, he blamed the Centers for Disease Control for the situation we are in today.”

  • La Crosse Tribune (March 18, 2020): Steven Manson: Trump has botched virus response

    “Trump's leadership style of intimidation and misinformation may work with humans, but not against germs. Lesson learned - don't believe what he says.”

  • Wisconsin State Journal (March 31, 2020): Trump's follies mislead our nation -- Jerome Jones

    “President Donald Trump's daily presentations on COVID-19 seem knowingly at odds with the truth of what's happening all around the country. Like Saigon's follies, President Trump's follies are dangerous and have and will cause Americans needless suffering and pain.”

  • The County Line (March 11, 2020): Coronavirus is not Democrats’ ‘new hoax’ -- Lee D. Van Landuyt

    “This is just the beginning of this serious pandemic. Our president and all other world leaders have been aware of this for three months. Other leaders have taken action, but our administration has done precious little to plan and mobilize for this new pandemic, knowing the risks it posed to American citizens, especially our most vulnerable.”

  • WisPolitics (March 30, 2020): Bill Kaplan: Trump downplays coronavirus in Midwest

    “Trump said: “Those (California and New York) are really two hotbeds. …(Y)ou go out to the Midwest … and they’re watching it on television but they don’t have the same problems.” Facts: there are many thousands of coronavirus cases and a rising death toll in the Midwest. Wisconsin cases doubled in a week to over 1,000.”

If you’re looking to talk to folks about their thoughts on Trump’s handling of COVID-19, please reach out so I can connect you. In the meantime, thank you again for your hard work, and stay healthy.

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