GREEN BAY – So a few Walker supporters want to to get a jump on fundraising by filing papers so Scotty can raise money from the Koch Brothers before the big recall kickoff on November 15th.

In the Senate recalls last summer, we were treated to a record smashing deluge of big business money trying to beguile the voters into believing that, somehow, cutting education, medical services, and union jobs while giving kickbacks to the super rich is really helping them. One such group, the Wisconsin Club for Growth spent an estimated $3 million to $4 million on “issue” ads for and against candidates in the state’s recall elections.

Not to be blown out again like the first post Citizen’s United Decision election in 2010, Democrats have been raising money hand over foot and fighting back with ads of their own. War is not so much fun when the other guy has a gun too.

But the best way to show the Brothers Koch and other big business money interests that they just can’t swoop in and buy our elections with two weeks of “issue” ads is with our votes. If we turn out, in huge numbers and throw out Scott Walker, we are sending them a clear and simple message that they are wasting their money. In business, that is the only message that really matters.

For those of you who have forgotten, Scott Walker got his big break to win the Milwaukee County Executive seat as the result of a recall drive to unseat then County Executive F. Thomas Ament. It would be poetic justice for his end to come as a result of one as well. If you live by the sword, etc.

The progressive tradition of Wisconsin State Government as well as your very right to vote is being chipped away daily by Walker and his Milwaukee suburban allies in Madison. It is time to throw them out.