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Bob Kiefert, Green Bay Progressive

Bob Kiefert is a Founding Partner and Publisher of the N.E. Wisconsin - Green Bay Progressive. Before moving to Green Bay in 2008, he was the Assistant Director of Human Resources for Milwaukee County. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, he spent 18 years in Madison, where he was an Executive Personnel Officer and the Technology Manager for the State Department of Employment Relations. He is a former Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Brown County, Director of the Human Resources Management Association of S.E. Wisconsin (now SHRM), and Technology Chair for the City of Franklin, Wisconsin. Bob is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force (1965-1971).

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  • Green Bay Sen. Dave Hansen Responds to Republican Criticism of Foxconn Statement

    State Republican cheerleaders for $3 billion payoff to Foxconn for new plant call Hansen's caution “beyond appalling” and “insane.” Anyone concerned about Wisconsin taxpayers should be urging caution says Hansen. GREEN BAY - Yesterday, on these pages, State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) said that Wisconsin should be extremely cautious in any ...
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  • Gallagher Misses Out on Green Bay Town Hall

    Constituents show up to talk about health care and other issues with the person elected to represent them. He didn't show up to listen. GREEN BAY - About a hundred constituents showed up last night at the Brown County Central Library last night to share their concerns with their new Congressman Mike Gallagher. He didn't show up to listen. Grant ...
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  • Wisconsinites Draft Mike McCabe for Governor

    People from all walks of life call on Blue Jean Nation's Mike McCabe, a non-partisan author and true independent, to step into the political arena and run for Governor in 2018. GREEN BAY - Looking for a new type of candidate to challenge Scott Walker for governor? That's what a grassroots group of 190 concerned citizens from all parts of Wiscons ...
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  • Hearing Needed on Requiring Presidential Candidates to Release Tax Returns

    Over 90% of Americans believe there are too many tax loopholes for wealthy people and corporations. People have a right to know what potential conflicts exist for their President. MADISON - State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) and State Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) called for a public hearing here today on legislation that would ...
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  • History of Gov. Walker's Record On Job Creation

    Governor Scott Walker talks a lot about jobs, but the real record does not back up his rhetoric. GREEN BAY - From the day he took office as Governor, Scott Walker has been talking about jobs. He wants to be seen as the jobs governor, taking credit here for the economic turnaround nationwide after the disastrous crash of 2008. It seems that every ...
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Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Robert Kraig

Robert Kraig is Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, 221 S. 2nd St., Suite 300, Milwaukee, WI 53204.

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  • Tuesday's Vote Swing Shows Healthcare Professionals Engaged in Elections

    Healthcare professionals see elections as a necessary part of their work. STATEWIDE - Healthcare professionals are getting involved in the 2018 Wisconsin elections. “I’m tired of the attacks on BadgerCare and I’m tired of the government not putting any regulations on pharmaceutical companies jacking up prices,” said Lynn Carey, a retired nurse w ...
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  • WEDC’s Poor Accountability Record Makes Foxconn a Scandal Waiting to Happen

    Independent analysis reveals 14,000 jobs deficit for existing corporate tax credits and loans is greater than the direct job creation claim for the Foxconn deal. A full 60% of WEDC-supported corporations have failed to meet job creation goals. STATEWIDE - On a media call Monday, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, State Rep. Amanda Stuck, and Stat ...
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  • Deliberate Sabotage Threatens Health Coverage

    With repeal efforts in Washington on hold for now, the biggest immediate threat to affordable health coverage may be sabotage by the Trump Administration, Congress, and states like Wisconsin. STATEWIDE - In the aftermath of the implosion of the Affordable Care Act replacement plan late Friday afternoon, the biggest immediate threat to affordable ...
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  • Trump-Ryan Care Suffers Stunning Defeat

    MILWAUKEE - It was one of the greatest victories for American democracy in years when Donald Trump and Paul Ryan were forced to pull their dangerous health care replacement bill just minutes before the scheduled vote. Against all odds, and without power in Washington, average citizens stopped Trump and Ryan dead in their tracks! A few short month ...
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  • New $0 Deductible Health Plans Introduced

    New health insurance plans offer relief from runaway pharmaceutical prices. Wisconsin health consumers will save over $209 million. WISCONSIN - At news conferences in four cities yesterday Citizen Action of Wisconsin announced that for 2017 some major insurance carriers in Wisconsin will be offering new health plans designed by the federal gover ...
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League Women Voters WI, Andrea Kaminski

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Patti Philbrick-Linzmeyer, area resident & voter

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  • What is Ribble Afraid Of?

    Why does Reid Ribble refuse to meet with the folks who sent him to Washington? Instead, Representative Ribble offers an easier alternative, easier for himself. It’s called, Telephone Town Hall Meetings. GREEN BAY - US Representative Paul Ryan does it. US Representative Tom Petri does it. US Representative Sean Duffy does it. Why won’t US R ...
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Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

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