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PUSA Releases New TV Ad Highlighting Joe Biden’s Plan to Get the Country Back PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Priorities USA Press   
Friday, 07 August 2020 08:45

trump-pusa-ad-mayAlso highlights Donald Trump’s Failure to Protect Americans.

WASHINGTON, DC - With over 150,000 American coronavirus deaths and a rapidly contracting economy, Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he is unwilling and unable to get our country back on track. Even after millions of Americans have gotten sick with many more left struggling, Donald Trump still has not grasped the severity of this crisis and the scale of the response required. While Trump stays in his comfort zone of lies, misinformation, and distraction, Joe Biden has been putting out plans to get the coronavirus under control and save our economy. 

Grasped” makes the case for Joe Biden’s steady, fact-driven leadership. Unlike Trump, who wasted time and ignored scientific experts, Biden will confront the coronavirus crisis by using science, taking swift action, and always putting the interests of the American people first. “Grasped” will run on cable and broadcast in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. 

Priorities USA continues to spend almost $1.5 million on TV and digital advertising every week in battleground states, while the Trump campaign recently pulled down TV advertising because voters aren’t buying the president’s attempts to distract Americans from his failures. Since March, Priorities has spent over $27 million telling the American people the truth about Trump’s inability to control the coronavirus and keep the American people safe. Priorities is committed to investing more than $200 million through the end of the year to defeat Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden is the next President of the United States.

“There is no case for a second term for Donald Trump. That’s why his campaign is scrambling to find new ways to spread misinformation and lie to the American people to cover up his obvious failures. Priorities USA is committed to giving voters the facts about Donald Trump’s incompetent administration, and it’s no surprise that Americans want a change,” said Priorities USA Action Executive Director Patrick McHugh. “Joe Biden will walk into the White House on Day One with a plan to get the coronavirus under control, rehabilitate our economy, and provide access to high-quality health care for every American.”

Sen. Ron Johnson Spreads Disinformation PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Courtney Beyer   
Thursday, 06 August 2020 12:41

ron-johnson-speaksIn a weekend of unhinged TV appearances, Johnson doubles down on conspiracy theories and demonizes unemployed Wisconsinites needing help.

WISCONSIN -- In the middle of a pandemic that has been exacerbated by Republican inaction, Sen. Ron Johnson has weaponized his leadership position in the Senate to spread conspiracy theories rather than pass legislation to help his own constituents. Ron Johnson’s indifference to the plight of Wisconsin families was on full display this weekend as he called increased federal unemployment assistance a “perverse incentive” and chose instead to fixate on obscure conspiracy theories and cover up for his own conflicts of interest, including not denying that he accepted information from foreign sources in his Homeland Security Committee investigation.

coronavirus-small-businessFamilies across the Badger state are suffering financially and medically because the GOP -- from the White House to the Legislature -- has failed to take the virus seriously. Additionally, Sen. Johnson is using his position as Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee to run political errands for Donald Trump, and is so out of touch with Wisconsinites, that he does not understand why workers would need unemployment insurance to take care of their families. Our country and our workers cannot recover under this lack of leadership

See coverage below:

Sen. Johnson Called Additional $600 In Federal Unemployment Assistance A “Perverse Incentive To Keep People Out Of The Economy.” SEN. JOHNSON: [...] “And we wanted to help, but in the CARES package, we passed a two $600 plus up, which – depending on which study you look at – either 68 percent or 5 out of 6 individuals, according to CBO, are making more unemployment than they made actually on their job. Now, that’s a perverse incentive to keep people out of the economy and we need workers coming back into the economy as safely as possible so we can start creating the opportunity and start recovering from this COVID recession. So, I think we want to help people financially but we have to do it at an appropriate level so people aren’t incentivized to stay on unemployment and are actually incentivized to get back in the workforce.” [UpFront, WISN, 8/2/20]

Sen. Johnson Did Not Deny Accepting Information From “Pro-Russia Ukrainians” And Said “We Are Getting Information From A Variety Of Sources.” ADRIENNE PEDERSEN: “So Senator, I just want to be clear -- are you saying that you do not get information from pro-Russia Ukrainians or disinformation?” SEN. JOHNSON: “We, we have not – what we are accused of is getting those audiotapes. We did not get those audiotapes. Okay?” ADRIENNE PEDERSEN: “But what about other things?” SEN. JOHNSON: “Again, we are getting information from a variety of sources. But primarily, U.S. –” ADRIENNE PEDERSEN: “And how do you verify that information?” SEN. JOHNSON: “Well, before we ever use it, we verify and make sure that it's accurate and true before we ever publish anything.” [UpFront, WISN, 8/2/20]

Sen. Johnson Called Additional $600 In Federal Unemployment Assistance “Pretty Destructive To Our Economic Recovery.” BARTIROMO: “For example, one lawmaker told me that, if revenue is down year over year by 50 percent, then you're eligible for the PPP. Is that right? And what about that $600? Are you going to ultimately just agree that you have to continue this?”  SEN. JOHNSON: “I hope not, because that $600 is pretty destructive to our economic recovery. If we do nothing, you will -- people will still have and be able to take advantage of state unemployment benefits." [Sunday Morning Futures, Fox News, 8/2/20]

Sen. Johnson Suggested The Trump Administration Did Not Actually Control The State Department: “How Many People In The State Department Do You Think Voted For Hillary Clinton Vs. Voted For President Trump?” SEN. JOHNSON: "One of our problems is obtaining documents from these agencies. And, Maria, understand, I mean, I will posit this question to you. How many people in the State Department do you think voted for Hillary Clinton vs. voted for President Trump?  I can't tell you my frustration how difficult it is getting information out of agencies that are supposedly controlled by this administration, but simply aren't." [Sunday Morning Futures, Fox News, 8/2/20]

Sen. Johnson Claimed There Was “Corruption At The Highest Levels Of, Certainly, The FBI” In An Effort To “Exonerate Hillary Clinton” That Shifted After The Election To “Sabotaging The Trump Administration.” BARTIROMO: “Senator, this is the first time we have heard from the Obama administration. She said it doesn't work that way.” SEN. JOHNSON: “Well, you will notice she didn't answer your question.  She just talked about, in general, what the process should be. That's not the process they followed. It is very clear that there was corruption at the highest levels of, certainly, the FBI. We have evidence of it.  I'm looking forward to John Durham wrapping up his investigation. I personally believe that the intelligence community was involved in this thing.  Their initial goal was to exonerate Hillary Clinton, when -- so that she could win the election.  When she lost the election, their goals shifted to first -- first and foremost, I think, sabotaging the Trump administration, which they have done a pretty good job of, also, I think initiating this diversionary operation, the smokescreen to cover up their wrongdoing.” [Sunday Morning Futures, Fox News, 8/2/20]

Sen. Johnson On When The Next COVID Relief Package Would Pass: “Not Anytime Soon.” ADRIENNE PEDERSEN: “Are you saying you don't think there will be another coronavirus relief package?” SENATOR JOHNSON: “Not anytime soon.” [UpFront, WISN, 8/2/20]

Sen. Johnson On His Decision Not To Hold Cash And Not Invest In The Stock Market: “I Have Lost Huge Sums Of Money By Staying In Cash And Staying Out Of The Market By And Large.” SEN. JOHNSON: [...] “What I did for marketable securities, I did one better than a blind trust. I converted it all to cash. There’s no conflict of interest in cash, so I have just been sitting on cash for most of my assets outside my ownership in my, in the company that I started. And as a result, I lost – I didn’t participate in more than a doubling of the stock market during my first six or seven or eight years in Congress. And more recently, when I did sell my five percent ownership stake in an equity, private equity sale that took over two years to do, rather than reinvest that in the stock market when I knew I could have made a lot of money because I figured the stock market would snap back, I just kept in cash because I didn't want anybody complaining about the fact that I was taking advantage of the economic situation. So, I have lost huge sums of money by staying in cash and staying out of the market by and large.” [UpFront, WISN, 8/2/20]

Sen. Johnson On Reports That Russians Paid The Taliban Bounties To Kill U.S. Troops: “Listen, Serving In Afghanistan Is Dangerous.” ADRIENNE PEDERSEN: “I want to ask you about the Russian bounties -- President Trump dismissed reports that Russia has been paying the Taliban bounties to kill Americans in Afghanistan. And he also said in a recent interview that he hasn’t not talked about that too President Vladimir Putin. Do you think you should be asking about that?” SEN. JOHNSON: “Well again, I'm not sure the last time he spoke with Vadimir Putin.” ADRIENNE PEDERSEN: “He says he's talked with him eight times and has not asked about it.” SEN. JOHNSON: “I’m not shocked by the reports, as I would not be shocked by reports that Iran could be paying. Listen, serving in Afghanistan is dangerous and there is no doubt about the fact that there are reports of that in intelligence briefings, but there are unverified reports. There was actually, you know, possibly disagreements because it was an analyst report as opposed to hard information. I can't talk about a whole lot of it because a lot of it is classified." [UpFront, WISN, 8/2/20]

Coronavirus Pummels Wisconsin Paper Industry PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Philip Shulman   
Friday, 31 July 2020 16:41

donald-trump-ukWashington Post reports a warning from Wisconsin on Trump’s failed leadership.

WISCONSIN - The paper industry is vital to Wisconsin’s economy, and the hardworking Wisconsinites who have built this industry were already suffering under Trump’s failed leadership before COVID-19 hit. Now, he’s made things worse by ignoring the severity of the coronavirus pandemic and Wisconsin businesses are getting pummelled as a result. Trump narrowly won the Fox Valley area in 2016, but since taking office his ineffective coronavirus response is repelling voters  from him and other Republican candidates.


The Washington Post: A warning from Wisconsin

  • The massive paper mill has churned relentlessly since it began feeding off the energy of the Wisconsin River more than a century ago, forming the cornerstone of a city's economy and producing glossy paper coveted by publishers during the heyday of U.S. magazines.
  • Rapids Mill will finally fall silent at the end of the month. The shutdown, announced June 9, will knock some 900 people out of work and has sent tremors across the region's economy, reaching from the plant's gates through town and deep into the Wisconsin forests that supply wood pulp to make paper.
  • The coronavirus is proving to be a decisive Darwinian force in industries from retail to energy to transportation, culling some businesses that might have been weakening for years while giving others a new jolt of life. The swiftness has been stunning, with each closure in turn affecting other businesses and their workers, as has been playing out already around Wisconsin Rapids.
  • "It impacts the 900 employees directly in the plant," said Missy Hughes, secretary and CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. "But the important thing to keep in mind is that the plant purchases and processes 25% of the timber coming off of Wisconsin's land. That impacts the haulers who are bringing the wood to the plant, it impacts the loggers who are cutting down the wood, and then it affects the landowners.
  • "In Wisconsin, 2.4 million acres of managed forest is owned by counties, and they use the proceeds of the sales to fund their government operations," Hughes said.
  • The closure is yet another destabilizing economic event in a state that Donald Trump carried only narrowly in 2016. The mill shutdown will result in the largest permanent layoff in Wisconsin since COVID-19 barreled into the economy, according to layoff notices submitted to the state, shocking a county that Trump carried overwhelmingly with nearly 57% of the vote.
  • Known as the Dairy State, Wisconsin is also a paper state. The industry in Wisconsin sells more paper, employs more people and has more paper mills than any other state, according to a 2019 study.
  • But the paper market, like everything, has been rocked by the novel coronavirus.
  • When it announced the shutdown, the company cited research that found demand for printing paper fell 38% year-over-year in April. The research forecast an even greater plunge to come, with operating rates falling 70% in the second quarter.
  • "There is so much capital invested in those mills, it is never easy for a company to walk away from that," said Mencke. "When a company decides to shut something down, it is because it is the best case for the dollars, but it hurts the town and all of these families."
  • Many in Wisconsin Rapids can point to where the branches of their family tree are intertwined with the mill. In some cases, multiple family members work there now.
  • "It is going to be bad for this town," he said. "It is not just the 900 who work here. It is going to have a trickle-down effect on the whole town."
  • Businesses in Wisconsin Rapids, battered by the economic reaction to COVID-19, are already feeling the impact.
  • With only a few more paychecks coming, mill workers are forgoing dinners out and aren't hosting catered events. What catering business remained amid the pandemic she saw vanish with the mill closing. "There are smaller graduation parties, not holding 50th-anniversary parties, retirement parties that will not take place," she said.
  • She and her husband now work every shift at their restaurant. She can afford to schedule her wait staff shifts on only one or two days a month. The kitchen staff has had furloughs.
  • "Am I in danger of losing my business? Absolutely," she said.
  • She worries also about the deeper psychological toll the closing will have on the town.
  • "It shakes the core of our community," she said. "And you see a negative attitude — 'The town is dying; there is nothing there anymore' — when that is not true."
  • The plant closing has infused all aspects of local life — including politics, as the presidential election approaches.
  • "Everyone in Wisconsin Rapids is either going to be related to someone who got laid off or will have some kind of close connection to someone who got laid off," said John Blakeman, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. "At a personal level, voters will feel the impact directly or indirectly. That will probably mobilize voters, and it will probably come down to whether they hear the economic message that is meaningful to them and less on identity-based politics."
  • From May to June, statewide voter approval for President Donald Trump's handling of the economy fell 4 percentage points to 50%, as voters' view of the direction of the economy turned down sharply, a Marquette Law School poll found.
  • The poll also found that a majority of Wisconsin voters disapproved of Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the George Floyd protests. Overall, the June poll found 49% of voters said they would vote for former vice president Joe Biden compared with 41% who supported Trump, Biden's largest margin in Marquette's polling this year.
  • Blakeman noted that in the April primary, Wood County had relatively high turnout and that nearly half, or 49%, of voters cast a ballot for a Democratic candidate.
Last Updated on Friday, 31 July 2020 16:50
Tony Lee Announces Write In Campaign For State Senator District 2 PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Tony Lee Campaign   
Monday, 27 July 2020 10:13

tony-lee-campaignDemocrat only needs 1700 write in votes in the August 11th primary to earn a place on the November ballot to challenge career Republican politician Rob Cowles. Cowles is unopposed.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 July 2020 16:30
Wisconsin DEMS Confident Going into Fall Elections PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Philip Shulman   
Saturday, 25 July 2020 13:50

trump-rnc100 Days Out From November Elections, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Electoral Infrastructure Far Superior to Republican Party.

MADISON - Following the 2016 presidential election when Donald Trump became the first Republican to win Wisconsin since 1984, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin committed to breaking down and rebuilding the state party’s infrastructure to help the 2020 presidential nominee take back Wisconsin -- and the White House. Now, the party has partnered with Biden For President and other candidates up and down the ballot to form the Wisconsin Coordinated Campaign -- a unified organizing effort to elect Biden and Democrats in 2020.

To date, the state party’s investments have paid huge dividends with electoral victories up and down the ticket over the past three and half years. In 2018, with Senator Tammy Baldwin and Governor Tony Evers at the top of the ticket, Democrats won every single statewide election for the first time since 1982. They also won an assembly seat once held by Scott Walker in the WOW Counties (Waukesha, Ozake, Washington), and a state senate seat that had been in Republican control for 17 years. And in April of this year -- despite a pandemic where legal actions taken by Trump, the RNC, the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW), and conservative justices forced voters to choose between risking their health or forfeiting their vote -- liberal candidate Jill Korofsky, backed by the DPW, defeated the president’s chosen candidate by nearly 11 points.

The early investment the DPW made in communities across the Badger State helped make these victories possible. At the beginning of 2017, the field team began organizing  Neighborhood Action Teams -- local groups of volunteers who organized in their own communities. Now, the DPW and the Wisconsin Coordinated Campaignhelps guide over 250 neighborhood teams working year round talking to voters in their community in the leadup to the 2020 election. As an extension of the field team, these community-based volunteers have been empowered to conduct their own organizing events, recruit new volunteers, and discuss the clear choices facing voters in this year’s elections. These teams have seen great past success --  last November, a year out from the 2020 election, these teams helped knock on 60,000 doors in two and a half days.

But the DPW has also shown its strength and growing base of support through its vastly superior fundraising operation. Last quarter alone, the party raised a record $10 million, while the RPW barely cracked half a million dollars. These funds are being put towards defeating Donald Trump as well as supporting Governor Evers’ Save The Veto Program to help prevent legislative Republicans from building veto-proof majorities ahead of the critical redistricting fight in 2021. Wisconsin’s current maps were deemed unconstitutional by a federal court in 2016.

See this previous memo on how the electoral map has changed for Trump and Wisconsin Republicans since 2016.

In the last 100 days of the campaign cycle, it’s clear that the Democratic Party of Wiconsin has built a dynamic operation with a vastly superior infrastructure to the Republican Party of Wisconsin. As the DPW has partnered with the Biden For President Campaign and other candidates up and down the ballot, the Trump campaign and RPW are falling behind, trying to outrun their abysmal record of disastrous trade wars that crushed Wisconsin’s farmers and manufacturers, a toxic health care agenda that is still trying to  strip millions of Wisconsinites of their care, and their failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which they’ve all but dismissed as someone else’s problem.

With Joe Biden leading the 2020 Democratic ticket, Wisconsinites are faced with a clear choice. Instead of propping up the wealthy and powerful, Joe Biden will unite the country and help us Build Back Better by creating millions of good-paying jobs and supporting working families across the Badger State. Wisconsinites remember that Trump and Wisconsin Republicans have failed to keep their promises  over the past three and a half years, and the DPW is committed to ensuring voters hold them accountable come November.

Latest PUSA TV Ad Aires As Coronavirus Cases Skyrocket PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Priorities USA Press   
Friday, 24 July 2020 11:18

trump-covid-new-cases-pusaAs the number of cases continues to climb each day, Donald Trump continues to deflect responsibility, minimize the threat, and fails to provide an adequate national response.

Washington, DC — Priorities USA Action is releasing an updated version of “Cases” to reflect the worsening coronavirus crisis and hold Donald Trump accountable for his failure to keep Americans safe during a pandemic. The updated ad presents the facts about the Trump administration’s inability to contain the coronavirus — with 1,334,600 Americans falling ill in July. 

As the number of cases continues to climb each day, Donald Trump deflects responsibility, minimizes the threat, and fails to provide the adequate national response that our country desperately needs to slow the spread. “Cases” is running on cable and broadcast in key battleground states. The Trump campaign is currently suing over a similar ad run by Priorities, “Exponential Threat,” which contrasts the rise in case numbers with Donald Trump’s lies about the virus.  

Since March, Priorities USA Action has spent nearly $26 million holding Donald Trump accountable for his failure to protect American lives during the coronavirus crisis. Priorities is committed to investing more than $200 million through the end of the year to defeat Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden is the next President of the United States.

“There's no new tone, there's no new Donald Trump, there's just the Donald Trump who’s failing America and making this pandemic significantly worse,” said Chairman of Priorities USA Guy Cecil. “It is no accident that coronavirus cases are skyrocketing. Donald Trump’s deliberate attempt to downplay the threat, stymie basic mitigation efforts, and provide little support to frontline workers has made this crisis demonstrably worse. We need serious, effective leadership more than ever. I’m proud that Priorities is doing everything we can to make sure that Joe Biden is in the White House next year.”

Last Updated on Saturday, 25 July 2020 12:13
Trump Says Testing is 'Overrated' As His Failures Hurt Wisconsinites PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Philip Shulman   
Friday, 24 July 2020 10:04

trump-testing-pusaWISCONSIN - Thursday, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Tommy Kubitschek released the following statement on Donald Trump saying that testing Is 'overrated':

“At every turn since the pandemic began, President Trump has attacked the value of testing when every public health expert agrees that it is essential to addressing this crisis. In Wisconsin this week, we witnessed an all-time high in infection rates as cases here continue to soar. The glaring lack of a national testing program prevents public health officials from keeping our neighbors safe, and Republicans continue to attack any efforts to expand our response. It is clear that Trump refuses to lead in hopes that the virus just disappears, but as long as he ignores his responsibilities and executes this wholly ineffective response, the coronavirus is not going anywhere.”

New Ad Aires on Biden’s Climate Plan PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Priorities USA Press   
Wednesday, 22 July 2020 10:36

trump-denial-puseOngoing $14 million environmental swing voter program now includes strong contrast ads between Trump and Biden on climate and environment.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 July 2020 11:06
Pence Tries Damage Control in the Badger State PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Philip Shulman   
Tuesday, 21 July 2020 09:59

trump-pence-coronavirus-briefingPence visit to Ripon doesn't change record.

WISCONSIN - Vice President Mike Pence visited the Badger State last week to try to salvage the flailing Trump Campaign.

farm-familyAfter three and a half years of policies that attacked farmers and manufacturers, Wisconsinites’ health care, and undermined policies that protect working people, followed by a complete failure to address COVID-19, there is little that Trump can do to save face in a state that he has consistently forgotten.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Pence argues against socialism in Ripon, Wisconsin, which was central to the founding of the Republican Party

  • In a visit Friday to a city central to the founding of the Republican Party, Vice President Mike Pence argued Democrats were turning the country toward socialism, touted a border wall and praised police officers.
  • Attendance at Pence's speech was limited to 50 people because of the coronavirus pandemic. Attendees had their temperatures checked as they entered the event, wore face masks and sat in chairs that were 6 feet apart from one another.
  • The setup contrasted with the one at the party's state convention, where few wore masks and many spent time close together.
  • Pence's visit came just after the United States reported a record 75,600 coronavirus cases Thursday. Nine hundred of them were in Wisconsin.
  • Pence touched briefly on the pandemic, contending Trump had dealt with the illness aggressively and was committed to reopening the country.
  • "We are meeting this moment with American compassion and American resolve,” he said.
  • Biden communications director Kate Bedingfield called Pence's stop an act of "damage control" in a battleground state.
  • "As VP Pence attempts to gloss over the Trump administration’s bungled response to the pandemic, the choice for Wisconsin voters could not be more clear," Bedingfield said in a statement. "Instead of propping up the wealthy and powerful, Joe Biden will ensure we reopen safely, get relief to those in need, and help us Build Back Better by creating millions of good-paying jobs and supporting working families across the Badger State."
  • Pence's stop is a reminder Wisconsin remains a top target in the presidential race. Trump narrowly won the state in 2016, becoming the first Republican presidential candidate to claim it since Ronald Reagan won reelection in 1984.
  • Trump has struggled in recent polls. Biden led Trump 49% to 41% of registered Wisconsin voters in a June survey by Marquette University Law School.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 July 2020 10:10
Assembly Candidate Lyerly Reports Fundraising Success PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Kristin for Wisconsin Press   
Friday, 17 July 2020 20:13

kristin-lyerly-md-commitmentLedgeview physician raised $40,234.09, making waves in race for Wisconsin’s 88th.

Last Updated on Monday, 20 July 2020 16:37
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