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A Bad Start To The Week For Senator Ron Johnson PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brandon Weathersby   
Tuesday, 01 March 2016 09:46

ron-johnsonMADISON - Senator Ron Johnson had a rough start to the week with four opinion pieces coming out blasting him for his irresponsible decision to not give any Supreme Court nominee a hearing and vote. Senator Johnson has the right to vote down a nominee, but it is wrong and irresponsible to not even give President Obama a chance to pick someone to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. This sort of obstructionism will leave the highest court in our land gridlocked for nearly a year and is an insult to the people of Wisconsin who deserve better than a Senator who won't do his job.

Just take a look at what the opinion sections of newspapers across Wisconsin had to say on this issue:

From the Wisconsin State Journal: But rejecting Barack Obama’s nominee before that person is even identified is unfair and irresponsible. It risks a prolonged vacancy, causing high court dysfunction if 4-4 votes occur.

From the Journal Sentinel: To live up to the original understanding of the Constitution that they purport to prize, the Senate Republicans should recognize that the Constitution neither forbids the president from making appointments during the last year of his term nor allows the Senate to outright ignore nominations and hold nominees hostage. They also should recognize that while the Constitution empowers the Senate to prevent an unfit person from sitting on our Supreme Court, it does not give senators license to vote against confirmation of a fit nominee with a judicial philosophy different from their own.

From the Gazette Extra: Polls have clearly shown Americans (and Wisconsin citizens specifically) supporting moving ahead, rejecting our Sen. Ron Johnson’s unwillingness to fairly uphold his mandated responsibilities here. This inaction cheats us out of our rightful opportunity to have judicial decisions adequately considered, leaving this critical judicial seat empty for a year.

From the Green Bay Press Gazette: Continued Republican obstructionism is not in the party’s nor the country’s best interest. I encourage Johnson, and all senators, to honor Scalia’s memory by honoring the Constitution he loved so dearly.

If Senator Johnson needs a history lesson on how his obstructionism reeks of partisanship and goes against the history of Presidents being given a chance to nominate someone to the Supreme Court, he should read the Washington Post article that said “President Obama countered that he would perform his constitutional duty and nominate a successor to Scalia, adding, “Your job doesn’t stop until you are voted out or until your term expires.” The historical record supports that position: 14 presidents have appointed 21 justices during presidential election years. A half-dozen presidents, classic lame ducks, filled Supreme Court seats even though their successors had been elected”. Regardless of their party, Senators have been responsible and done their jobs during Presidential elections years, it's time for Ron Johnson to do his.

American People Have Decided on SCOTUS Nominee, Sen. Johnson PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brandon Weathersby   
Wednesday, 24 February 2016 11:41

ron-johnsonDemocratic Shot/Chaser and national polls show majorities of people in Wisconsin and around the country want the U.S. Senate to confirm a nominee to the Supreme Court this year.

MADISON - A day after Senate Republicans officially adopted Sen. Johnson’s strategy of “doing nothing” on an Obama nominee to the Supreme Court, new polling demonstrates the American people and the people of Wisconsin aren’t buying their obstructionism.

Shot: “I strongly agree that the American people should decide the future direction of the Supreme Court.” – Sen. Ron Johnson explaining his obstructionist stance on filling the court vacancy.

Chaser: Majorities of people in Wisconsin and around the country want the U.S. Senate to confirm a nominee this year.  As reported by Politico:

POLL FINDS STRONG SUPPORT FOR SCOTUS HEARINGS IN WISCONSIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE. Public Policy Polling is out with a poll this morning finding that respondents in Wisconsin and New Hampshire broadly support filling any vacancy on the Supreme Court this year - 62 percent in Wisconsin and 59 percent in New Hampshire. Those numbers could be significant for the two Republican senators representing those respective states, Sens. Ron Johnson and Kelly Ayotte. Both are up for re-election this year during a cycle that favors Democrats. The poll found that an even higher number of respondents – 78 percent in New Hampshire and 76 percent in Wisconsin – believe the Senate should consider who is nominated before making the call for or against confirmation hearings.

Lime: Johnson’s approval rating is underwater at -17.

The people of Wisconsin have spoken, Sen. Johnson. Do your job and consider a nominee to the Supreme Court.

More on Sen. Ron Johnson's Supreme Court Obstructionism PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brandon Weathersby   
Monday, 22 February 2016 17:58

ron-johnson-speaksMADISON - On Friday, we reviewed Sen. Johnson’s week in Supreme Court obstructionism. After the flood of condemnation and the stinging editorials, Johnson received for refusing to do his job, you’d imagine the Senator would rethink his partisan position.  But, no.

On Saturday, Johnson paid a visit to the state of Wisconsin to tout his obstructionist stance.

As the Daily Union reports, Sen. Johnson remains in lockstep with Republicans like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Mitch McConnell who favor delaying a Supreme Court nominee until after President Obama leaves office:

Johnson has joined in supporting Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in calls to block an Obama nominee without a hearing.

“Rather than have a lame-duck president put forward a nomination, rather than have a lame-duck Senate confirm that nomination, why don’t we let the American people decide?,” Johnson said.

“It’s a unique time in our history. The American people are going to go to the polls in 2016 and decide what path this nation is on. Are we going to continue on this road to serfdom or are we going to change course and re-embrace the founding principles of this nation?”

While we don’t quite understand how nominating a justice to our nation's highest court is tantamount to serfdom, we do know one thing: instead of doing his job, Ron Johnson is content to take his cues from Washington Republicans who favor partisan bickering and obstructionism over a full and functional Supreme Court.

It’s wrong, it’s irresponsible, and it’s what we’ve come to expect from Sen. Johnson.

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