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Air Force Vet Runs as Democrat for Assembly PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Assembly Democrats   
Monday, 15 August 2016 14:15

dennis-huntCHIPPEWA FALLS, WI - Retired Air Force Major Dennis Hunt is a Chippewa Falls native running for the 67th Assembly District, a competitive open seat. He has a deep love and commitment to state and country, as evidenced by his extensive military service, which led him to work in the Pentagon before, during and after the September 11th attacks.

Dennis and his wife Annette are very active in their local community. The couple are co-owners of Chippewa Valley Financial Services, and Annette serves on the Chippewa County Board. Dennis believes in being a good steward of our taxpayer dollars to prioritize public education, improve job growth, increase wages, and reduce unemployment.

Dennis Hunt is running for the 67th Assembly District because he understands the importance of protecting his community from the dangerous consequences of the extreme Republican agenda.

Now, with the primary behind him, Dennis is ready to get down to business and do what it takes to finish strong in November. However, to remain competitive with his Republican opponent, he will need help from grassroots supporters like you in his district and across the state.


Please click here to donate $10, $25, or whatever you can afford today to help elect Democratic candidates like Dennis Hunt across Wisconsin.

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Sean Duffy: 'Whatever Trump Says is Right - Whatever he says' PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brandon Weathersby   
Monday, 15 August 2016 13:39

donald-trumpIn a recent interview, Rep. Sean Duffy can't ever seem to disagree with Donald Trump - ever.

MADISON - It doesn't matter if Donald Trump insults Gold Star parents, calls for a ban on Muslims entering the country, suggests his second amendment supporters could stop Sec. Hillary Clinton, or says that Sec. Clinton and President Obama are the co-founders of ISIS, Rep. Sean Duffy can't ever seem to disagree with Donald Trump - ever.

While other Republicans are holding their noses as they support Donald Trump, Sean Duffy can't seem to get enough of the Republican nominee's dangerous, bigoted, and divisive language.

duffyIn a recent interview, Sean Duffy was asked repeatedly if he agrees with Trump's comments that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are the co-founders of ISIS. Over and over again, Duffy couldn't bring himself to break with Donald Trump, until eventually conceding, saying "no, he isn't on the ground." But, of course, Duffy found a way to agree with Trump's dangerous language, following up by saying Donald Trump's comment "makes the point."

Sean Duffy didn't stop there, he blamed the media for "splicing and dicing" Trump's words, despite his nominee directly saying "he [President Obama] is the founder of ISIS...he gets the most valuable player award, him and Hillary, she gets it too, I give him co-founder." Just like Donald Trump, Rep. Duffy scapegoats the media or anyone else to defend his illogical and false arguments.

Earlier in the interview, Sean Duffy was asked about Donald Trump's comments to supporters saying they can stop Hillary Clinton by shooting her, to which Duffy responded "he says what he means." This came moments after Duffy begged Trump to "stay on script" and "read from the teleprompter." Like the rest of us, Sean Duffy knows that Donald Trump can't be forced to say things he doesn't believe, making Duffy's support of Trump's dangerous rhetoric and agenda even more troubling.

By his own admission, Duffy believes Donald Trump doesn't mince words and there is nothing to parse in his dangerous and sometimes violent rhetoric. That means when Trump insults Gold Star parents he means it; when Trump says we should ban all Muslims from the country he means it; when Trump says his supporters can stop Hillary Clinton by shooting her he means it; and when Trump says Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the co-founders of ISIS he means it.

"Sean Duffy doesn't care that Donald Trump's dangerous language is deliberate and could have very serious and grave consequences. Sean Duffy will say or do anything to support Donald Trump, even if that means ignoring people's safety," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said on Monday. "We can have our political differences, but for Sean Duffy to not challenge the violent rhetoric Donald Trump has spouted is shameful and has no place in Wisconsin or the United States."

Solen Challenges Paul Ryan to Revoke Endorsement of Donald Trump PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Solen for Congress, Lauren Young   
Sunday, 14 August 2016 12:31


Does Ryan approve of Trump’s many appalling statements and divisive rhetoric? His inaction speaks much louder than words.

MOUNT PLEASANT, WI- Ryan Solen says Paul Ryan must revoke his endorsement of Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump. Solen, the Democratic nominee for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and running for Paul Ryan’s House seat, declares Donald Trump too dangerous to America to endorse. Paul Ryan needs to rescind his endorsement of Donald Trump and decline his acceptance of Donald Trump’s endorsement for the good of America and the Republican Party.

paul-ryanPaul Ryan’s endorsement of Donald Trump implies tacit approval of Trump’s many appalling statements and divisive rhetoric. Ryan Solen, a longtime Democrat, is against many of Paul Ryan’s and the GOP’s views but respects their right to hold them. Donald Trump is a Republican in name only and is rapidly weakening the party to which Paul Ryan is so committed. If the Republican Party falls apart it will further fracture America at a time when the country needs to come together for a stronger future.

Donald Trump recently hinted at assassination of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by the “Second Amendment people” in order to prevent Supreme Court appointments, accused President Barack Obama of creating the ISIS terrorist group, insulted a Gold Star family and wrongly attacked their Muslim beliefs, criticized a Fire Marshal for doing the job he was sworn to do, declared his support of dissolution of the separation of church and state via revocation of the Johnson Amendment, thus allowing churches to endorse or oppose political candidates, proclaimed that if he loses the presidential election it is because the American electoral system is “rigged”, and that if Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania it will be because she cheated. Despite being completely outrageous and false, Paul Ryan has not revoked his endorsement of Mr. Trump.

Paul Ryan can say that his endorsement of Donald Trump is not a “blank check” but his inaction speaks much louder than words.


About Ryan Solen

Ryan Solen is an Army veteran of the war in Iraq and is seeking to represent Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. He is a Digital Forensic Specialist and Computer Security Analyst. He is a married father of four and enjoys reading, writing, doing karate with his family, and relieves stress with his vintage Lego collection.

He is the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s Nominee to run for the U.S. House of Representatives to replace Paul Ryan. For more information, please visit

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