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Elections, Elected Officials and Political Parties
Hovde Paid $0 State Taxes in 2015, Schneider Bows Out of Senate Race PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brandon Weathersby   
Saturday, 01 July 2017 09:26

eric-hovdeTea party state Senator Leah Vukmir gives run "prayerful consideration”, while millionaire Nicole Schneider says no. Milwaukee millionaire hedge fund manager Eric Hovde avoids paying taxes himself while poised to strip health care access from others.

MADISON - The GOPYachtSale.com site has been updated to reflect a busy week of bidding.

leah-vukmirFirst, former ALEC chairwoman and tea party state Senator Leah Vukmir said she’s giving a run for U.S. Senate “prayerful consideration,” and we know what that means. She’s taking her time, shoring up big donors, like her buddies Charles and David Koch and Diane Hendricks, before she jumps into the yacht sale primary. Check out more at https://gopyachtsale.com/2017/06/28/leah-vukmir/

Then, millionaire Nicole Schneider dropped out of the bidding war and is no longer considering a run for Senate.

And yesterday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel uncovered millionaire hedge fund manager Eric Hovde's tax history included paying $0 in taxes to the state of Wisconsin in 2015. While Hovde complained about the amount of taxes he paid in previous years, he did not address the goose egg in 2015. And the news that he avoided paying anything to the state in 2015 followed his comment on the Senate plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act saying, "I just got back from a trip from California and I don't know anything about it."

Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby commented, "If Eric Hovde is smart enough to get out of paying any taxes to the state of Wisconsin, it's shocking that he wasn't able to catch up on news of the Senate bill poised to strip health care access from 22 million people while in California."

League Speaks On Voter Records And Transportation Budget PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by League Women Voters WI, Andrea Kaminski   
Saturday, 01 July 2017 08:54

voter-usLeague pleased WEC has stood up to Trump administration request for Wisconsin voter data, says transportation infrastructure should not be financed with debt.

MADISON - State election officials Thursday received letters from Vice Chair Kris Kobach of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity requesting a list of their voter rolls, including sensitive information, such as date of birth and partial Social Security number. The letter noted that any information provided to the Commission will be available to the public. While most of the Wisconsin voter file is public information, Wisconsin law prohibits Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) from sharing sensitive information.

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin sent a letter this morning to the WEC urging it to withhold sensitive information and also to charge the usual fee of $12,500 for the data sharing request. We were pleased when the WEC issued a statement at noon saying that is exactly what it will do.

As the legislature’s budget committee grappled last week with the Transportation budget, the League sent this statement urging the committee to delay major new road construction and focus on maintaining and repairing current roads and bridges instead. We said the transportation infrastructure should not be financed with debt, nor should it be pitted against other critical services such as public education. The League urged the Committee instead to add a per-mile fee on heavy trucks, which do the most infrastructure damage, and to consider raising the gas tax and indexing it to inflation. 

Here is a great article about how Iowa has avoided problems with gerrymandered voting districts. There are currently proposals before the Wisconsin Legislature which would adopt the Iowa plan for redistricting. Contact your State Senator and Assembly Representative and tell them AB 44 and SB 13 should have a hearing.

To find your own legislators, click here and enter your address under Find My Legislators, next to the little green map of Wisconsin.

LWV Wisconsin Selected to Pilot Election Resources from The Carter Center PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by League of Women Voters Wisconsin   
Monday, 26 June 2017 08:37

VoterWisconsin group to make sure federal justices know about the negative impacts partisan gerrymandering has had on voters and the legislative process in Wisconsin and how their decision could defend democracy nationally.

MADISON - The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin has been selected by LWV-US to pilot new online resources and electronic reporting technology developed by The Carter Center, which is known for its election observations internationally. This is a wonderful recognition of the Wisconsin League’s leadership in just one important aspect of safeguarding democracy.

Every week we reach out to inform you about important policy issues in our state Capitol, because we know you are the kind of person who wants to know when your call or email to your representatives will make a difference. Today we are reaching out to ask you to support the League, so it can continue to excel as a visible, viable advocate for active and informed participation in government in our state.   

As the League’s fiscal year comes to an end, we are grateful for the generous support of hundreds of members and friends for the League’s special projects in the past year. Examples are the 2016 Gear Up to Vote minivan tour, which visited 31 community events around the state to register and educate voters, and the legal briefs the League filed in three federal court cases challenging voter suppression and gerrymandering.

We have been fortunate to have the trust of philanthropic foundations for these special projects, but the League would not even be considered for grants or opportunities, like working with The Carter Center, if we did not have the generous support of individual League members and followers like you.

In addition to grants, the League needs operating support to keep our organization strong, maintain a competent staff, and be ready to step up to the plate with bold action and impact. That’s what we plan to do in filing an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in Gill v. Whitford, the “Wisconsin gerrymandering case.” We want to be sure the federal justices know about the negative impacts that partisan gerrymandering has had on voters and the legislative process in Wisconsin and how their decision could defend democracy nationally. 

The need is now. Please support the League as generously as you can with a tax-deductible contribution. You can designate your gift to “where it’s needed most” or contribute to the Voter Protection Fund, if you prefer to support the League’s legal work. Your support will help the League make democracy work in Wisconsin.

Marilyn Boeldt
Fund Development Chair


P.S.  Use our secure online contribution form with your credit card or download a printable form to mail in with your check. Either way, we appreciate your support and will put it to work to promote good government in Wisconsin.

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