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Foxconn Giveaway is Bad for Wisconsin Taxpayers PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Dave Hansen, State Senate District 30   
Wednesday, 13 September 2017 13:10

walker-terry-gou-foxconnThe Governor and Republicans were quick to say we can’t afford very minimal investments in Wisconsin residents, but they can’t give away our money fast enough when a billionaire shows up for a hand out.

GREEN BAY - As someone who helped Marinette Marine land the Navy LCS contract that created thousands of new jobs in Northeast Wisconsin and around the state, I am supportive of responsible efforts to create jobs regardless of which party those ideas come from.

Unfortunately, the deal negotiated by Governor Walker and Senate Republicans is short on protections and long on risks to the taxpayers of the 30th Senate District who will be forced to contribute up to $90 million as their share of nearly $3 billion in cash payments to Foxconn, a $100 billion corporation based in Taiwan and China. That’s nearly $500 for every person and $1200 for every family of four in our district.

dave-hansen-gbThe Governor and Republicans are quick to say we can’t afford to make very minimal investments to help the nearly 1 million Wisconsin residents refinance their student loans at lower rates or help nearly 1.5 million private workers save for retirement. But no sooner does a billionaire show up with their hand out, they can’t give away our money fast enough.

The Governor used to say that the people know better how to spend their money than the government does. Except when it comes to giving one of the wealthiest people on Earth a few billion dollars of other people’s money. Never mind that $500 or $1200 for a family could go a long way to helping them make ends meet, or help pay for technical college or job training. When it comes to helping average folks or rich billionaires we now know who the Governor and Republicans truly care about.

Make no mistake, this is the largest taxpayer giveaway in U.S. history. And despite the claims of supporters, it comes with very few guarantees that Foxconn will uphold their end of the agreement. In fact, Foxconn thinks so little of the people of our state that they couldn’t even bother to show up at one of the two public hearings on this deal to answer questions, ensure they will be accountable to the taxpayers, or even just say thank you.

P.T. Barnum must be laughing.


State Senator Dave Hansen (D - Green Bay) released this statement Tuesday on the passage of the Foxconn deal in the Senate.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 13:32
Republicans Pass Massive Corporate Giveaway To Foxconn Says Larson PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Chris Larson, State Senator, District 7   
Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:14

walker-ryan-gou-foxconnDeal Fails to Protect Wisconsin Taxpayers, workers victims of a Foxconn automation ‘bait and switch.’.

MADISON - Our Wisconsin economy must be built on rewarding hard work and innovation by creating more opportunities for our small businesses, innovators, communities, and children to reach their full potential. Choosing a foreign corporation over our Main Street businesses is a dangerous and desperate gamble.

From listening to my neighbors, it is abundantly clear that this proposal is a bad deal for Wisconsin.

chris-larsonThat’s why my Democratic colleagues and I offered common sense protections for our neighbors through amendments that would maintain environmental safeguards and ensure the health and safety of our waters and lands. We also offered an amendment that would have protected Wisconsin workers from being victims of a Foxconn automation ‘bait and switch.’

Perhaps the most common sense amendment offered to allow our Wisconsin communities a real opportunity to weigh-in on their priorities for our state. In every corner of Wisconsin, local communities have passed referenda to invest more in our neighborhood schools as the GOP turned their backs on our kids time and again. If we are going to pick a billion dollar corporate giveaway over our schools, we should allow the taxpayers a chance to sign off via a referendum.

At the end of the day, Senate Republicans rejected our common sense protections and were not able to guarantee that our neighbors would not be on the hook for the $3 billion handout included in the Walker/Trump/Foxconn proposal. For these reasons, I stood with Wisconsin families and voted against the largest state taxpayer giveaway to a foreign corporation in U.S. history.


Senator Larson released this statement Tuesday regarding the passage of the Walker/Trump/Foxconn proposal in the State Senate.

Conservative Vukmir Says "Wisconsin leads the way with Foxconn" PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Leah Vukmir for Senate, Jessica Ward   
Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:00

leah-vukmirU.S. Senate hopeful says Foxconn deal is proof Republicans are listening.

MADISON, WI - Senate Assistant Majority Leader Leah Vukmir, R–Brookfield, issued the following statement Tuesday upon passage of the Foxconn bill in the state Senate:

“Wisconsinites have been calling on their elected officials to listen to them and put their interests first. The Foxconn deal is proof that we are listening, and we are — once again — getting things done.

trump-walker-foxconn-annc“This will allow Wisconsin to lead the way and have quality, good-paying jobs for our workers and families for years to come. As technology evolves, we have heard from people who are afraid of what that means for their industries. Our action today will ensure that manufacturing continues to play an important role in Wisconsin’s economy.

“I am thrilled about what this investment means for our state and the significant ripple effects it will have for Wisconsin business. It goes without saying that Foxconn would not be coming to Wisconsin if it weren’t for the bold reforms that Republicans have enacted over the past few years. Real leaders produce results, and we are seeing those results today.

“I thank President Trump, Speaker Ryan, Gov. Walker, and my colleagues in the state Capitol for working together to make this possible.”

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:13
WI Democracy Campaign "Call for Action Sept. 12!" PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Matt Rothschild, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign   
Tuesday, 12 September 2017 10:07

matthew_rothschildMake sure Tuesday, Sept. 12 is a Fair Maps Day of Action.

MADISON - I know you were disgusted by the way Scott Walker and his cronies in the legislature rigged our electoral maps back in 2011.

And I know you’re in favor of fair maps and nonpartisan redistricting – no matter which party holds power.

Currently, there is a bill languishing in the legislature that would end gerrymandering in Wisconsin.

I need you to rattle some cages in the State Capitol so it doesn’t languish there any longer. We need a hearing on this bill!

Tuesday, Sept. 12 is a Fair Maps Day of Action.

Please contact the committee chairs in the Assembly and the Senate who preside over this crucial issue and urge them to hold a public hearing on it.

  • In the Assembly, that’s Rep. Kathy Bernier (pronounced “BURN-yer) and the bill is AB44. Please call her office at (608) 266-9172.
  • In the Senate, that’s Sen. Devin LeMahieu (pronounced LEMMA-hue), and the identical bill is SB13. Please call his office at (608) 266-2056.

You may be asked if you live in their district. Tell them this legislation affects us all, and as chairperson of this important committee they represent everyone in our state on this matter, and it’s up to them to set the agenda for public hearings.

You may also be asked – or wonder yourself – whether the case before the U.S. Supreme Court on Wisconsin’s redistricting won’t solve this problem. While the court case is historic, whichever way the court rules, it won’t take the map-drawing out of partisan hands. Only the pending legislation would do that.

So please make your call tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 12!

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is pleased to be participating in this coordinated action sponsored by the Fair Maps Coalition (#FairMaps), of which we’re an integral part.

Thanks for picking up your phone and making these two calls.


Matt Rothschild
Executive Director
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

P.S. And if you have the time, please report back with any response or reaction you get.

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