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Sen. Shilling: Republicans need a lesson in sportsmanship PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Shilling, State Senator 32nd District   
Monday, 17 December 2018 17:28

scott-fitzgeraldl-stands-behind-walkerWisconsin residents made it clear they are tired of divide and conquer politics, but Republican leaders chose to ignore them.

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Wisc Democracy Campaign "Walker’s Weasel Words" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt Rothschild, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign   
Friday, 14 December 2018 19:18

wdc-logoI read Walker’s explanation about how he was approaching the lame-duck bills myself, and it was truly nauseating.

MADISON - It’s not every day that three staff members tell me that I ought to write a column about the same subject, but that happened this week after Gov. Walker posted a long explanation about how he was approaching the lame-duck bills.

So I read Walker’s posting myself, and it was truly nauseating. And when I’m feeling nauseous, I need to get it out of my system, and writing is the way I do it. Take a look:

Walker, the Weasel

matt-rothschildAlso this week, we did some research on the raft of appointees Walker recently named, and here’s what we found:

Walker Appointees Gave His Campaign $16K+

Now and again, I come upon a terrific column that I share on Facebook and that I’d also like to share with you. Here’s an example: Jim Rowen’s indictment of the anti-democratic elitism of Speaker Vos and Majority Leader Fitzgerald:

The Walkerites' Unbearable and Dangerous Elitism

I hope you like these columns.


Matt Rothschild
Executive Director
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Indivisible Madison reacts to the WI GOP coup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indivisible Madison, Linda Kessel   
Friday, 14 December 2018 18:04

capitol-protestMadison activist group says "We must fight any measures that put party and power before people.”

MADISON - Today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the extraordinary session legislation into law. The GOP power grab is complete. The conclusion is obvious – the GOP put party and power before people.

“Walker’s legacy will be that he was a sore loser who undermined democracy on the way out,” said Indivisible Madison lead organizer, Linda Kessel.

Indivisible Madison organized the rapid response that brought more than 1,400 protesters to the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) hearing on the lame-duck legislation with less than 72 hours’ notice. A rally that night on the State Capitol steps drew a crowd of 1,000. At the conclusion, the entire crowd entered the Capitol to register their opposition at the JFC hearing that was still in progress. Protesters came the next day to loudly protest as the Governor led a tree-lighting ceremony in the Capitol rotunda.

Walker’s office issued a media advisory only three hours before the signing ceremony in Green Bay. “Governor Walker signed the bills outside of Madison to avoid the protests he knew would materialize here,” said Kessel. Interestingly, Green Bay is the district of the lone Republican to vote against the lame-duck legislation, State Sen. Robert Cowles.

Walgreens Boycott The next step for Indivisible Madison is calling for a boycott of Walgreens. In a New York Times article, “When Walgreens Had a Moral Compass” (Dec. 12, 2018), we learned that Walgreens had made campaign contributions to the leaders of this GOP power grab – Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate

Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. They gave an additional $6,000 to the Wisconsin Campaign to Elect a Republican Senate.

Walgreens benefits from a property assessment loophole in Wisconsin that allows them to pay substantially less in taxes, passing the burden onto homeowners and small businesses to make up the difference. A bipartisan bill in the last regular legislative session sought to close that loophole, but Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald refused to bring it to the Senate floor for a vote. It looks like Walgreens got an excellent return on its campaign investment.

We call on Walgreens to ask for its contributions back, as they recently did when Cindy Hyde-Smith – then Mississippi candidate for U.S. Senate – made what she called a joke about attending a “public hanging.” Walgreens refused to be complicit in her racist remarks. Walgreens should be equally concerned about supporting the unscrupulous Wisconsin GOP leaders who orchestrated this legislative power grab. “We demand that they put democracy before profit, and customers before politics,” Kessel proclaimed.

Indivisible Madison will continue to resist the GOP agenda in our state and in our country. From Linda Kessel, “If anything, this strengthens our resolve. We must fight any measures that put party and power before people.”


Indivisible Madison (IM) is one of more than 5,000 Indivisible local chapters, 100 in Wisconsin alone. We follow the wisdom of the Indivisible Guide and the national Indivisible Team. The common goal is to resist the policies of Donald Trump. Indivisible Madison and many other chapters apply the same techniques at the state level. We have strength in numbers and together, we are a power to be reckoned with.

Indivisible Madison specializes in rapid response events and actions. In addition to organizing actions surrounding this GOP power grab…

• Last month, we organized the local rally for “No One is Above the Law” within 24 hours of Jeff Sessions being fired. This was a response to MoveOn’s national call to act upon any move by the president intended to end the Mueller probe. Hundreds attended.

• We led the organizing team for Madison’s Families Belong Together protest (in one week).

• We organized the Candlelight Vigil in Solidarity with Charlottesville (in 27 hours).

• We organized an ACA Die-just two days following the House vote for repeal in 2017.

K-C Deal Isn’t an Economic Development Strategy Says Larson, It's an Extortion PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Larson, State Senator, District 7   
Friday, 14 December 2018 17:29

kc-layoff-wbayMILWAUKEE - Scott Walker continues to make the case for why he should no longer be Governor and why we should move up the inauguration of state elected officials to immediately after elections are certified.

To be clear, this $25 million extortion of Wisconsin taxpayers through WEDC is happening for Kimberly-Clark because this highly profitable company threatened Wisconsin jobs and they are still going to fire workers. Kimberly-Clark posted a staggering $3.3 billion operating profit just last year, had their federal tax rate cut from 35.7% to 19.2% just last year, then callously decided to cut jobs and shutter plants just last year.

chris_larsonTheir total contribution to state taxes was $1 over the last four years. But, when they saw Governor Walker and Republicans pay through the nose for Foxconn, they decided to squeeze us for even more.

This isn’t an economic development strategy, this is an extortion.

By paying this ransom to a profitable corporation, Republican economic mismanagement opens Wisconsin up to further extortion from other profitable companies. As of 2017 there were 733 other businesses in Wisconsin with similar employment numbers as Kimberly-Clark. Each of them are watching what is happening. They’d be silly not to threaten to leave unless they get a handout from us, too. If we go down this path, the total lost could exceed our states biennial budget. We need to stop investing in companies that aren’t invested in us. Instead, we need to invest in our neighbors through K-12, higher ed, and apprenticeships. We cannot afford to continue to go down this road of corporate handouts.


Senator Chris Larson released this statement today regarding the $25 million handout to Kimberly-Clark.

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