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Rep. Riemer: Walker’s Healthcare Plan to Weaken Protections for People with Pre-Existing Conditions PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Assembly Democrats, David Groshek   
Wednesday, 24 January 2018 11:29

critical-illnessWould allow health insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions more.

MADISON, WI - Representative Daniel Riemer (D – Milwaukee) released the following statement responding to Governor Walker’s election year announcement that he wants the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass a bill (Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 365) that would allow health insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions more if they do not meet certain conditions:

daniel-riemer“Current federal law already protects people with pre-existing conditions. All Wisconsin Legislative Democrats support full pre-existing health condition protections (Senate Bill 265/Assembly Bill 363). Governor Walker’s plan would weaken those protections by allowing health insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions more,” said Rep. Riemer.

“Governor Walker’s plan takes us backwards. There is no stability in his plan if it means that health insurance companies can provide fewer protections for people with pre-existing conditions that are in current federal law.”

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Erpenbach: Governor Walker’s Re-election Health Care Plan PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Jon Erpenbach. State Senator 27th District   
Tuesday, 23 January 2018 11:32

walker-rejects-fedmoneyGov. Walker has finally decided to join most Americans and support the Affordable Care Act, so now it’s time to bring our Federal taxpayer dollars back.

MADISON - Even though last year he fought for repeal, in his re-election campaign now Governor Walker has finally decided to join most Americans and support the Affordable Care Act. Democrats in Wisconsin have always worked to strengthen our health care system and now Governor Walker finally joins us in that fight. Now it’s time for Governor Walker to bring our Federal taxpayer dollars back to Wisconsin and expand BadgerCare – our state has now lost over $1 billion because of Governor Walker’s refusal to expand BadgerCare.

jon-erpenbachThese newly loved Democratic plans are a drop in the bucket compared to what accepting funds to expand BagerCare could do for the people of this state. Finally, without a CHIP extension, Wisconsin will have a huge hole in our Medicaid budget so maybe this plan should include a Governor Walker guarantee Congress will extend CHIP for the children of this state.

On Reinsurance funds: Reinsurance is a tool that has been used by other states including Minnesota who funded $500 million. Governor Walker’s plan is less than half of what Minnesota invested which begs the question, is it really enough to lower the premium for participants?

On $50 million in Medicaid savings – The Medicaid report just came out and counts on Congress renewing CHIP. I wish Governor Walker could waive his magic wand to make Congress renew CHIP for the children of Wisconsin, where is that promise? Without it we will have a huge hole in our Medicaid budget.

On SeniorCare Medicare Part D exemption permanent – That’s up to the Federal government – the current SeniorCare extension was just filed (down to the wire). Seniors have basically had to beg Governor Walker to renew it for the past ten years. Again – glad he is finally willing to commit to always renewing the SeniorCare waiver – something he has NEVER been willing to do before.

On the preexisting conditions bill – I am curious why Governor Walker did not like this proposal when it was an Erpenbach/Riemer proposal. Clearly coverage for preexisting conditions is – and has always been – a huge concern for the people of Wisconsin. Governor Walker did not speak up when President Donald Trump and Congress tried to repeal ObamaCare – it is interesting that he is speaking up now.

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“SD 10 Surprise” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Matt Brusky   
Friday, 19 January 2018 13:51

sd_10_surpriseDemocrat Patty Schachtner wins in Senate District 10.

STATEWIDE - We start with the electoral wave that hit the west coast of Wisconsin on Tuesday with the surprise victory of Democrat Patty Schachtner in Senate District 10. We welcome Eric Couto, executive director of Wisconsin Progress, to discuss the implications of the SD 10 upset and the critical role of recruiting and training great candidates to run for office.

Our panel takes a closer look at the Governor’s race following the release of campaign finance reports and the first public poll. Robert analyzes the junk science in the new Congressional report which absurdly concludes Medicaid is worsening the opioid crisis. Finally we chat with Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative member Sue Anderson who invites our listeners to the Runaway Inequality Book Club discussion this Sunday, January 21. the goal is to better understand the failings of the neoliberal economy.

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Governor’s Call for Special Session on Welfare PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Dave Hansen, State Senator Dist 30   
Friday, 19 January 2018 12:50

walkerWalker's call for special session on welfare reform last Thursday was attempt to divert people’s attention from latest Republican failures says Green Bay Senator.

GREEN BAY - Adam Jarchow lost in Tuesday’s senate election in part because he and his Republican friends chose to attack struggling families.

dave-hansenDespite voters’ rejection of these types of attacks, Governor Walker sees them as his opportunity to excite his supporters and shift their attention away from the fact that he, President Trump and Republicans in Madison and Congress have failed to help improve their lives.

Instead of giving a Taiwanese billionaire over $4 billion that will do little to help the vast majority of people in this state, a more informed governor might have decided instead to invest that money into our own families, businesses, schools and roads all across the state.

Now, seeing that his reelection ploy is not working, he is trying to divert the people’s attention by calling a special session to wage new attacks on working families and the poor.

Governor Walker’s call for a special session is another sign that he and legislative Republicans are running scared. It is a transparently political move that is just another reason so many people are voting for real change in Wisconsin and around the country.

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