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Hansen Says Governor’s Admission of Outsourcing Problems at WEDC is Not Enough PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by GBP Staff   
Saturday, 02 May 2015 11:00

walker-no-jobsMADISON - On Thursday, Governor Scott Walker told WKOW TV 27 Madison that he was open to more sanctions against companies that take state job creation money and then outsource Wisconsin jobs.

This is a major reversal for the Walker, whose administration has repeatedly denied claims by Citizen Action of Wisconsin and others that it is still perfectly legal for companies to outsource and to also receive large grants, loans, and tax credits from the Governor’s jobs agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

Walker's admission followed an announcement last Wednesday by Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay), who said he was drafting an outsourcing accountability bill. Senator Hansen’s bill bans companies who receive public economic development money and then outsource jobs from state aid for a period of five years.

dave-hansen-gbIn a statement released Friday, Sen. Hansen acknowledged Gov. Walker’s admission of outsourcing problems at WEDC. Hansen said:

“It is heartening to hear the Governor admit there are problems with businesses applying for and receiving tax payer assistance from WEDC on the promise they will create jobs here in Wisconsin only to turn around and send Wisconsin jobs to foreign countries or other states."

However, it is clear that Sen. Hansen believes Walker's admission of problems at the WEDC last week is too little, too late for the troubled agency.

"Governor Walker and WEDC officials acknowledged the outsourcing problem last summer yet so far they have made little if any effort to stop it. In addition to paying back the tax dollars they received, businesses that commit this kind of fraud should be banned from receiving any taxpayer assistance for a minimum of five years," Hanson said.

Walker's plan of re-branding WEDC under a new name and merging it with WHEDA will not be enough, says Hansen, to make taxpayers forget about the disaster that WEDC has proven to be or stop the continued use of tax dollars to help companies ship their jobs overseas.

Hansen concludes Walker's plan does not "provide much hope that such a move will solve WEDC’s problems rather than hurt WHEDA. Without fundamental changes that put safeguarding the taxpayer’s money first and foremost the merger between WEDC and WHEDA is bound to fail.”

Walker Admits Jobs Agency Has Outsourcing Issues PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Robert Kraig   
Friday, 01 May 2015 10:32

walkerCitizen Action of Wisconsin believes outsourcing scandal shows whole WEDC model is flawed and can only be permanently fixed by scuttling the agency.

Gov. Walker and Republicans Set Collision Course of State Agencies PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Assembly Democrats, Laura Smith   
Thursday, 30 April 2015 11:14

walker-no-jobsAs Wisconsin Fails to Create Jobs, Merger of State Jobs Agency with WHEDA will Create Further Chaos in Job Creation Efforts.

Erpenbach Bill To Prohibit DOC From Setting Costly Overtime Policies PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by State Senate Democrats   
Wednesday, 29 April 2015 15:37

wisstatereformatory-allouezMADISON - State Senator Jon Erpenbach (D - Middleton) is currently circulating a proposal in the Legislature to prohibit the Department of Corrections (DOC) from enacting policies for costly, forced overtime.

“We allow our agencies to set policies for the management of staff within the agency. However we have, at many times, set parameters on how much those policies can cost. The DOC is set to roll out a policy that will cost the taxpayers of Wisconsin an undetermined amount of money while further eroding the morale of corrections officers. This bill would put the brakes on those plans,” said Erpenbach.

Department of Corrections has shared with staff a plan to change the forced overtime policies. Although concerns have been raised regarding cost and morale the DOC is still moving ahead with the change. A 2014 strategic planning initiative with the DOC surveyed staff and the number one issue of concern as a “pressing issue facing DOC?” was staff morale, with 82% of respondents saying staff morale is a top problem.

“My office has gotten calls from all over the state from DOC front line staff who are frustrated management does not hear their concerns. Further eroding the morale of officers at our institutions puts not only our communities at risk but threatens the safety of inmates at our institutions,” said Erpenbach. “We need to make better choices with our tax dollars and for our hard working public servants.”

Erpenbach has recently shared the proposal language with his colleagues. Interested Legislators can add their name as a “co-sponsor” before the bill will be introduced.

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