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WEDC Admits They Are Not Following the Law PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator 31st District   
Tuesday, 31 October 2017 16:53

foxconnwisconsinA recent LAB audit showed WEDC’s failure to comply with the laws to protect taxpayer’s money for job creation efforts in Wisconsin. WEDC’s lack of transparency, their numerous examples of misrepresenting job creation numbers and their frequent disregard for LAB recommendations call into question their ability to oversee a $3 billion contract with Foxconn.

Wisconsin Women’s Network Announces 2017-18 Policy Institute PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wisconsin Women’s Network   
Monday, 30 October 2017 16:17

women25 new participants selected from a very competitive pool of applicants from across the state. Institute's goal is to increase the number of women community leaders who are actively involved in the public policy process.

MADISON – The Wisconsin Women’s Network (WWN) today announced the start of its sixth Policy Institute and the selection of 25 new participants. The Policy Institute is an intersectional advocacy training and leadership development program that teaches women how to be advocates in their communities. Throughout the four-month program, participants learn how to navigate Wisconsin’s legislative process in order to advance legislation to improve the lives of women and girls in Wisconsin.

For the 2017-18 Institute, participants were selected from a very competitive pool of applicants from across the state. The WWN is thrilled that the following women will participate this year: Gina Walkington of Bristol; Cyrena Martin of Brown Deer; Rachel Westenberg of Green Bay; Dawn Ankney of Kenosha; Jenna Gormel, Jill Hoiting, Kadijha Marquardt-Davis, Carol Martell, and Amanda Meloy of Madison; Ellen Pawley of Menomonee Falls; Jane Mahoney of Menomonie; Mary Criss, Linda Garcia Barnard, Gwen Mcgee, Shauntay Nelson, Krisjon Olson, Molly Schuld, and Bianca Williams of Milwaukee; Karen Tredwell of Pewaukee; Annie Knudson of Phillips; Libby Holte of Sheboygan; Lindsey Purl of Sparta; Charisse Daniels of Watertown; Kimberly Carrigan of Wauwatosa; and Ingrid Constalie of Westby.

Walker's Foxconn Deal Widely Unpopular Among Wisconsinites PDF Print E-mail
Written by Andy Gronik Press Office, Brandon Weathersby   
Sunday, 29 October 2017 16:01

walker-terry-gou-foxconnOnly 34% of Wisconsinites approve of Gov. Scott Walker's $3 billion Foxconn corporate giveaway.

MILWAUKEE - According to a new Wisconsin poll conducted by the independent, non-partisan Public Policy Polling, only 34% of Wisconsinites approve of Gov. Scott Walker's $3 billion hail mary pass to Foxconn. Most see this unsubstantiated corporate giveaway as a flagrant attempt on the part of the Governor to cover up his dismal track record creating good-paying jobs throughout the state and make bold and unsubstantiated claims about economic development in Wisconsin to help him get re-elected.

andy-gronik"Wisconsinites are too smart for this shell game Governor Walker is playing. We’re all enduring his failures on economic development and won’t be fooled by someone trying to buy his way to fulfilling his job creation promises to get himself back into office,” said gubernatorial candidate Andy Gronik. “Scott Walker is trying to get Wisconsin taxpayers to buy into a deal that he couldn’t get financed at a bank if he tried. And, his brainchild for economic development, WEDC, can’t even keep track of the loans they have. It’s crystal clear that Walker’s life as a career politician has left him ill-prepared to successfully negotiate a business deal on behalf of the taxpayers of our state. He needs to be fired."

Caution by taxpayers is warranted as this is not the first time Gov. Scott Walker has touted a doomed economic development deal just before an election. According to reporting by the Wisconsin State Journal last week, Gov. Scott Walker announced a $20 million award for Kestrel Aircraft, an aviation start-up, which promised to create over 650 jobs and invest more than $50 million in the state. To date, Kestrel Aircraft has defaulted on loan repayments and only created 25 jobs. As the state now plans to take legal action against the company, it serves as a cautionary tale of how putting politics ahead of sound economic development can leave taxpayers on the hook for significant sums down the road.

"Economic development is an urgent and important issue that affects real people in every corner of our state. It's time to take improving our economy seriously and stop using it just as a political tool," concluded Gronik. "I know what it takes to create good-paying, family-sustaining jobs and how to create a comprehensive plan for economic growth that supports small, medium, and large businesses statewide. As Governor, the political games will be over, I’ll restore transparency to the governor’s office, and Wisconsin will become a world leader creating jobs in science, technology, manufacturing, and agriculture. It's who we are.”

McCabe Would Make BadgerCare an Option for All Badgers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Commoners for Mike McCabe, Christine Welcher   
Saturday, 28 October 2017 14:34

badgercareCandidate for Governor Mike McCabe calls for change in state law to make Wisconsin’s whole population eligible at the March for Health in La Crosse Saturday.

LA CROSSE, WI – Speaking at the March for Health in La Crosse’s Cameron Park today, governor candidate Mike McCabe called for a one-word change in state law to make Wisconsin’s whole population eligible to get health insurance through the BadgerCare program.

mike-mccabe“BadgerCare should be there for all Badgers who want or need it. What government does needs to be done for our whole society, not just a few,” McCabe said. “BadgerCare provides excellent insurance coverage and is affordable. It should be a public option that anyone in the state could choose in the insurance marketplace.”

BadgerCare is Wisconsin’s version of Medicaid but existing state law has restrictive requirements including income limits that make only the poor, elderly and disabled eligible to enroll. Changing a single word in state law would allow BadgerCare to be listed as one of the options on the health insurance exchange that currently only includes private insurance plans, McCabe said.

State law now says “An individual is eligible to purchase coverage...if all of the following apply:” and goes on to list the requirements. Changing the word “all” to “any” would open up BadgerCare to the general population. No one would be required to enroll, but anyone could if they choose to, McCabe said.

Analysis done by the health care advocacy group Citizen Action of Wisconsin estimates that BadgerCare’s cost is on average 23 percent lower than other policies in the health insurance market. It also covers 100 percent of medical expenses, unlike many plans with sky-high deductibles and co-payments that leave patients paying for much of their care out of pocket.

“Getting everyone in Wisconsin access to high-quality and affordable medical insurance not only will make our state healthier but also will stimulate the economy,” McCabe said. “There are so many people out there with great ideas for a new business who’ve dreamed of starting their own company but can’t leave a job that provides insurance for their families. If they could access BadgerCare, many could go ahead and start that new business.”

Campaign website is:

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