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Norman Eisen to testify at People's Map Commission Hearing March 11 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wisconsin DOA Communications   
Wednesday, 10 March 2021 08:48

voter-primariesHearing to feature 2nd Congressional District. Commissioners to hear testimony on the legal aspects of redistricting.

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 March 2021 10:25
LWVWI Encourages Ratification of Equal Rights Amendment PDF Print E-mail
Written by League of Women Voters Wisconsin   
Tuesday, 09 March 2021 11:39

vote-47-milwaukeeWisconsin was one of the first states to ratify the federal Equal Rights Amendment in 1972, but does not yet have a state Equal Rights Amendment in its constitution.

LGBTQ+ Caucus Introduce Joint Resolution Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tim Carpenter Press, State Senator District 3   
Tuesday, 09 March 2021 11:16

trans-athletes-rally-9-greg-andersonTransgender Day of Visibility, which takes place annually on March 31st, is an international celebration of transgender and non-binary people.

MADISON - Monday, Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee), Rep. Greta Neubauer (D-Racine), Rep. Marisabel Cabrera (D-Milwaukee), Rep. Lee Snodgrass (D-Appleton), and Rep. Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit) issued the following statement regarding the introduction of a joint resolution recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility in Wisconsin:

“It is with great pride that we present this joint resolution to the legislature. The resolution was produced in collaboration with members of Wisconsin’s transgender and gender non-conforming community.

“Transgender Day of Visibility, which takes place annually on March 31st, is an international celebration of transgender and non-binary people. With this resolution, we seek to acknowledge and elevate all transgender and non-binary Wisconsinites, and hope that our state joins us by helping to make our communities places where transgender and gender non-conforming people are welcomed, supported, and have the opportunity to thrive.

“The resolution recognizes several transgender individuals and organizations that have a Wisconsin connection. These leaders have made contributions to our state through volunteerism, advocacy, political engagement, military service, and cultural and artistic expression. We extend to them our sincere gratitude for joining us in creating this resolution.

“It is of critical importance that the Legislature express its support and appreciation for the transgender and non-binary people in our communities. They are our friends and neighbors. They are part of what makes our state so great. Every day, they empower others to embrace their full selves by living their truth, and continue in their efforts towards equality and fairness by combating indignity with dignity.

“We urge our colleagues in the legislature to join us and pass this resolution, to take action to end discriminatory and harmful provisions in our laws, and to build a more inclusive Wisconsin. Only then will our state be able to reach its true potential.”

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 March 2021 11:23
Gov. Evers to Host Six Virtual Badger Bounceback Live Sessions PDF Print E-mail
Written by GOV Press Wisconsin   
Tuesday, 09 March 2021 11:05

business-small-openGovernor will kick off listening session tour with focus on economic recovery and opportunity.

Finalists Vie for Boys & Girls Clubs State Youth of the Year PDF Print E-mail
Written by Boys & Girls Clubs, Andrew Gussert   
Tuesday, 09 March 2021 10:59

boys-girls-club-chippewaWinners To Receive $20,000 In Scholarships, Potential Four-Year Full Scholarships

1 Million Wisconsinites Have Received at Least One Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine PDF Print E-mail
Written by GOV Press Wisconsin   
Friday, 05 March 2021 16:56

covid-19-vaccinationWisconsin continues to be regional, national leader in vaccine administration.

Bill Exempts Menstrual Products and Diapers from State Sales Tax PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melissa Agard Press   
Friday, 05 March 2021 11:50

womens-health-monthHygiene products are necessities, not luxuries says legislation author.

MADISON- State Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) introduced LRB 0124/1 this week, a bipartisan bill that would remove the state sales tax on menstrual products, diapers, and adult incontinence products.

Senator Agard released the  following statement:

melissa-agard-sargent“Menstrual products and diapers are necessities, not luxuries. These products are essential in our everyday lives and should absolutely be exempted from state sales tax,” Senator Agard stated. “It makes no sense that viagra, potato chips, and kit kats are not taxed in Wisconsin, but tampons and diapers are.”

Senator Agard has been a champion of removing the “tampon tax” for multiple legislative sessions. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau recently calculated that the amount of sales tax collected in the state on feminine hygiene products is $2.7 million annually.

“It is not a choice to be a person who menstruates. Taxing tampons and pads as luxury items is an outdated policy that needs to change. Similarly, diapers are a product that every family has to budget for, and we should be doing all we can to make these costs more affordable and recognize them as essential items.”

“Ultimately, this is about equality in our tax code and respect. It is about supporting families and making these products affordable for everyone in Wisconsin.”

States across the country have been removing these taxes due to the unfair nature, however 30 states still tax menstrual products as luxury items.

Governor to Visit La Crosse County Vaccination Clinic on Opening Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by GOV Press Wisconsin   
Thursday, 04 March 2021 16:17

covid-19-vaccine-shipmtSecond DHS community-based vaccination clinic to open in Wisconsin on March 9. Locations are selected to address gaps in vaccine access.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 March 2021 17:08
State Plan Would Support Early Care and Education Providers, Partners, and Wisconsin Families PDF Print E-mail
Written by GOV Press Wisconsin   
Thursday, 04 March 2021 15:57

childcareWisconsin received roughly $148.8 million in Federal CCDBG funds to offset the continued impact of the pandemic, and plans to use part to ensure families can continue to access affordable, quality child care.

Agard Responds to Anti-Trans Legislation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melissa Agard Press   
Wednesday, 03 March 2021 11:21

trans-athletes-rally-9-greg-andersonIntolerance of actions taken Tuesday by legislative Republicans shows their inability to exercise compassion or empathy for those who do not fit their narrative, says Madison lawmaker.

MADISON- Tuesday, Legislative Republicans introduced legislation that bars trans-youth from participating in organized athletics.

Senator Agard released this statement:

melissa-agard-sargent“This morning, we learned that a pair of bills are being introduced by Republicans that would prohibit transgender student athletes from participating in organized sports at school. These hateful, anti-trans bills are showing up in state legislatures around the country in a coordinated attack on the LGBTQ+ community. This blatant discrimination based on gender-identity cannot be tolerated.

“Let me say this loud and clear - trans rights are human rights and human rights are trans rights. This attack on the LGBTQ+ community is shameful. Trans-kids are not a political pawn that can be used to divide our communities. These are children who want to live their lives and excel just like any other child. Perpetuating anti-trans stereotypes hurts not only trans-individuals, but also the student athletes they claim they are protecting.

“The shocking intolerance of the actions taken today by legislative Republicans shows their inability to exercise compassion or empathy for those who do not fit their narrative. Trans-women are women. Protecting women and girls in sports means making sure that all women and girls are welcome in sports and feel safe to participate in them.”

Last Updated on Friday, 05 March 2021 11:35
Building Momentum to Vaccinate More Wisconsinites PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Smith, State Senator District 31   
Wednesday, 03 March 2021 11:01

covid-19-vaccination-65Sen. Smith writes about Governor Evers’ Administration’s ongoing efforts to get more Wisconsinites vaccinated.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 March 2021 11:12
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