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Improved Tracking of Absentee Ballots In Wisconsin PDF Print E-mail
Written by League of Women Voters Wisconsin   
Tuesday, 08 September 2020 15:40

gb-vote-47-linesLeague of Women Voters WI explains how to sign up for your absentee ballot and check the status and location of it's delivery in real time.

MADISON - Did you know the Wisconsin Elections Commission has added intelligent mail barcodes to absentee ballot envelopes? This allows voters and clerks to check the status and location of their absentee ballots in real time. Check the status of your absentee ballot request at

If you see that your absentee ballot request has not been approved within 48 hours of your request, contact your municipal clerk as soon as possible to address any issues. Also, after September 17 (the dates absentee ballots will start being sent out for the November Election), if your ballot has taken longer than a week to receive or be returned to our clerk once it's been put in the mail, contact your clerk as soon as possible to see what is going on.

We encourage all voters to consider voting absentee or voting early for the November election. You can request your absentee ballot today at

If you want to learn more about other improvements the Wisconsin Elections Commission has made in advance of the November Election check out their recent report.

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