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Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Katie Iliff   
Thursday, 13 February 2020 16:24

dan-kapankeGOP recycles Dan Kapanke for his former 32nd District state Senate seat, a recalled candidate with history of ethics violations & extreme views.

LA CROSSE – Despite being rejected by voters in three straight elections (2010, 2011 & 2016), Republicans announced Dan Kapanke is once again running for office. As a previously recalled GOP politician with a history of ethics violations and out-of-touch views, Kapanke’s candidacy is the latest sign of Republican struggles in Wisconsin. Low enthusiasm, a divisive agenda and declining popularity among young adults, women and working families have driven many Wisconsin voters away from the Republican Party.

“Republican Party bosses clearly didn’t get the message the first, second, or third time that voters in western Wisconsin rejected Mr. Kapanke at the polls,” said Katie Iliff, SSDC Executive Director. “His record of massive school cuts, tax giveaways to the wealthy, and limiting access to women’s health care have shown that he is another rubber stamp for the Republican special interest agenda. We need to move Wisconsin forward - not backwards. The last thing families need is a relic from the past that is only interested in obstructing progress for our state.”

As an elected official, Dan Kapanke voted for the largest cut to local K-12 schools in Wisconsin history and argued that Gov. Walker’s attacks on worker rights didn’t go far enough. He voted against the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims Act and supported legislation making it harder for women to access birth control.

“Hardworking families trust Jennifer Shilling and appreciate her commitment to local schools, affordable health care access and pro-growth policies that strengthen communities,” added Iliff. “Jennifer Shilling has proven that she’s not afraid to stand up to special interests to protect local families and move our state forward.”

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