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Written by Priorities USA Press   
Tuesday, 04 February 2020 17:16

trump-rncPriorities USA outraised America First by $8 million last year.

WASHINGTON, DC - The Republican super PAC formed to help President Donald Trump win reelection raised less money in 2019 than its Democratic counterpart, a sign big Democratic donors are readying a cash onslaught to fight Trump.

Priorities USA, which will be the main outside spender backing the Democratic nominee for president, raised $58.5 million in 2019, the group announced on Friday — $8 million more than the $50.4 million more than America First, the group backing Trump.

The millions raised by both groups, more than a year before Election Day, foreshadow a costly election ahead. And Trump and his allies are starting 2019 at an unusual cash disadvantage: Usually, a super PAC tied to the president would raise millions more than its rival, because donors and corporate interests itching to gain power in Washington want to contribute. A super PAC representing the party out of power, especially one without a clear nominee, usually has no such luck.

But in a Friday memo, Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil boasted that his group has increased its fundraising goal for the 2020 cycle by $50 million, to $150 million total, and has already placed a total of $70 million in ad reservations to run from now to July. The group has also been outspending Trump’s campaign on digital advertising in four battleground swing states that it is targeting with ads.

“Priorities is well-positioned to continue taking a leading role in the general election campaign against Donald Trump until a Democratic nominee for president has been selected,” Cecil said.

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January 31, 2020

By Maggie Severns and Alex Isenstadt

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