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Taylor calls out Barrett over mismanagement of Fire and Police Commission PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Lena Taylor, State Senator, 4th District   
Thursday, 05 December 2019 11:27

milw_river_viewMILWAUKEE, WI. - Today I call Tom Barrett to resign as Mayor of Milwaukee. Barrett and his administration have been in office for over 15 years and at present, gun violence, crime, reckless driving are all completely out of control.

It is no wonder now that we have learned in the recent report, and I quote, honorable former FPC investigator, Cheryl Patane, "The current management has in a very short period of time demonstrated a frightening ignorance of FPC operations, shown no apparent knowledge of industry norms for public safety oversight investigations, and fosters an environment of mistrust and cronyism, rather than trying to build a strong independent team."

tom_barretUnder the 15 years of Barrett's leadership, the MPD engaged in hundreds of racial profiling illegal stop of people of color. A report in October revealed MPD lawsuits payouts are over $30,000,000 with five potentially very expensive settlements still pending, all paid for with taxpayers’ money.

Police community relations continue to deteriorate and there is a serious lack of transparency with the FPC and no real dialogue between the board, executive director and the people of Milwaukee.

lena-taylor.Mayor Barrett’s mismanagement is reflective across many departments - Health, Employ MKE and now FPC, just to name a few. Tom consistently shows he is out of ideas, is tired, and fails on major issues. He has a complete and deliberate disregard for the people, community engagement, oversight, and federal compliance.


The people of Milwaukee deserve better! In April, if the mayor does not resign, as your new Mayor, our administration will change from corruption and confusion to transparency and inclusion.

Let's make the change!

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