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The NRA’s “Death Grip” in Wis PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt Rothschild, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign   
Friday, 09 August 2019 09:26

guns-annoMADISON - After Dayton and El Paso, the need for common-sense gun control measures has never been more urgent.

matt-rothschild But the NRA has put the Wisconsin Legislature in lockdown.

As Rep. Chris Taylor said, “Republicans in the State Legislature continue to be in the death grip of the NRA.”

To examine that death grip, just click on our most recent posting:

Here’s a Look at the Campaign Backing the NRA Gives Wisconsin Legislators

The power of the NRA to override the will of the people is a public health hazard and an assault on our democracy.

That’s why, in addition to common-sense gun control laws, we need to limit the power of big money and dark money in our elections.

Sen. Chris Larson of Milwaukee introduced a package of campaign finance bills earlier this year that would do just that:

2019 Campaign Integrity Package

Please contact your legislators and urge them to support these bills.

Thanks for your concern.

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