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Written by LegitAction Team   
Friday, 24 August 2018 13:46

donald-trumpHelp build momentum behind Senator Elizabeth Warren’s timely new Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act.

MIDDLETON, WI - The real surprise isn’t President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen pleading guilty to eight felonies. And it isn’t Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort being found guilty of eight more felonies by a Virginia jury.

The surprise is seeing powerful Washington players like Cohen and Manafort actually facing accountability from our system.

elizabethwarrenBut accountability could start happening a whole lot more often. Americans are outraged at what they’re seeing right now -- which means our Elizabeth Warren couldn’t have picked a better week to build momentum for the newest and most ambitious anti-corruption legislation since Watergate.

But this bill won’t go anywhere without progressives behind it.

Join thousands of fellow Legit supporters endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren’s brand-new Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act. Show progressives stand behind accountability for public officials.

Trump’s inner circle collapsing under its own corruption has been a blaring wake-up call for the American people and many in the press.

Corruption in Washington isn’t a small problem, and it can’t be fixed with piecemeal solutions. The sweeping protections of the Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act are our best hope to protect our democracy from campaigns to lobbying to the judiciary.

With this bill as law, operatives like Paul Manafort wouldn’t even start lobbying for foreign governments. And federal candidates would face way higher disclosure requirements, meaning candidates like Trump would find it impossible to get away with flagrant campaign violations.

These are just a few of the ways that the Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act would restore major legitimacy to our government, which explains why thousands of Legit members are hurrying to build momentum for it. Now you have the power to supercharge that momentum.

Help build momentum behind Senator Elizabeth Warren’s timely new Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act. Show your support now.

Senator Warren is right to say that Trump’s administration is one of the most corrupt in history. But we have the power to make sure future administrations maintain the high standards of legitimacy we rightfully expect from American government.

Thank you for standing up for democratic legitimacy today,

LegitAction Team

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