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Written by Andy Gronik Press Office, Brandon Weathersby   
Friday, 10 August 2018 12:55

andy-gronikFormer Democratic candidate for Governor Andy Gronik shares his picks in Tuesday's primaries.

MILWAUKEE - Traveling throughout Wisconsin listening to the life stories of real people with all political beliefs and shaping their ideas into real plans to make living in Wisconsin better for everyone was one of the greatest privileges of my life. I am so grateful to all of you for being a part of my campaign and for contributing your ideas, passion, time and money to help me.

While I am no longer in the race, I have continued to fight on your behalf because Wisconsinites deserve a true advocate who will work to bring our divided state and country back together again in ways that honor ALL the people who live here.   We’re getting down to the nitty gritty and I’ve come out strong in support of a few candidates because I think they are uniquely qualified to get us back to being Wisconsin.

kelda-roysKelda Roys For Governor — We can’t begin to restore the progressive values needed to put the people of our state back in the driver’s seat unless we beat Gov. Scott Walker.  And, let’s be honest, beating Scott Walker is going to be tough. I got to know all of the candidates for governor very well and I like them all. But I’m supporting Kelda because I think she’s in the best position, with a unique constituency, to beat Walker. It’s that simple.

Please join me in voting for Kelda Roys for Governor on Tuesday, August 14th.

sarah-godlewskiSarah Godlewski For Treasurer — Gov. Walker’s been busy trying to consolidate power to himself and away from the people of our state. I am diametrically opposed to this kind of power-hungry leadership. Sarah has a brilliant financial mind and the Office of the Treasurer is a financial position - let’s not forget that. Sarah is tenacious, leading the fight to save the office Walker was trying to obliterate — and won — let’s not forget that either.

Sarah is not only the fiscal “watchdog" needed right now in Wisconsin, she has the vision needed to claw back the oversight lost by this office over the years. Please join me in voting for Sarah Godlewski for State Treasurer on Tuesday, August 14th.

earnell-lucasEarnell Lucas for Milwaukee County Sheriff — I love that Earnell Lucas, a kid that grew up in the Hillside Terrace public housing development, wants to apply the knowledge he’s gained working to safeguard Major and Minor League Baseball to restoring the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, which was nationally humiliated by the self-aggrandizing mismanagement of it’s former leader David Clarke.

Sometimes the only way to make systemic changes to up-side-down organizations is by bringing in talented people from the outside to make the changes so desperately needed. And, in Earnell’s case, he will begin the journey of rebuilding honor and professionalism in the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office with a working understanding of the department he once so bravely served. I hope Milwaukee County residents will join me in voting for Earnell Lucas for Milwaukee County Sheriff on Tuesday, August 14th.

Thank you in advance for considering these wonderful candidates on Tuesday and for encouraging all of your friends to do the same. And, thanks again for all you have done to inform and support one of the most amazing and fulfilling journeys of my life.



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