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Sieber On Local Win for Calab Frostman PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 23:44

tomsieberNew face in 88th AD race congratulates Frostman on win Tuesday, says it’s time to reclaim the Wisconsin idea and move forward.

caleb-frostmanGREEN BAY - “Congratulations to Senator Elect Frostman," said Tom Sieber, Democratic candidate for the 88th Assembly District in a press release Tuesday.

"The victory tonight sends a clear message; it’s time to reclaim the Wisconsin idea," said Sieber. "The idea that we will grow local business and protect the environment. The idea that affords the next generation with the best education and opportunities possible. The idea that our community knows what is best, and not enormous multi-nationals corporations paying off politicians to collect corporate welfare."

"The time for change is now," concludes Sieber. "Some of the state is waiting until November to move forward. Here, in the 88th district we are already hard at work. No more dirty business. No more dirty air and water standards. And, no more dirty politics. We are the future of the Wisconsin idea and we are here to stay."

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