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Written by Solen for Congress, Lauren Young   
Thursday, 29 September 2016 10:37

Flint water crisisFlint Michigan's water crisis has national implications. Although Paul Ryan and House Minority Leader Pelosi came to an agreement to allocate $170 million to Flint, continued funding is not permanent.

MOUNT PLEASANT, WI - The Flint water crisis greatly concerns Ryan Solen. He knows a poisoned water supply has national implications. Residents are exposed to lead contamination daily because the Michigan state government did not comply with—or ignored—federal law.

On Wednesday, Senate Democrats and Republicans finally agreed on temporary funding for Flint as part of the Senate’s bill to keep the government functioning until December 9.

paul-ryanAlthough Paul Ryan and House Minority Leader Pelosi came to an agreement to allocate $170 million to Flint, continued funding is not permanent. The matter will be addressed again when Congress returns after the General Election on November 8.

It is Paul Ryan’s cavalier attitude toward Flint residents’ health that is troubling.

On September 25, Paul Ryan appeared on Face The Nation. He said dismissively, “Flint has gotten some emergency spending. But there are a lot of cities that have lead pipes.” At that time, Paul Ryan called the problem “more of a local government issue” and, when pressed by moderator John Dickerson for more details, the Speaker said he did not want to “get into the particulars about negotiations.”

ryan-solenRyan Solen directly addresses “the particulars” of poisoned water. He says, "The Flint water crisis was started as a local government issue, which is why it needs the attention of higher authority. While politicians argue back and forth about blame, nothing gets done to solve the problem, and ultimately it's the people that pay the price of tainted water. It's time to stop focusing on blame, and start working on the solution."

As always, Paul Ryan plays politics. Ryan Solen wants solutions.

Meanwhile, it’s been 50 days since Ryan Solen asked the Speaker to debate him. Paul Ryan continues to ignore his invitations or “get into the particulars” about why he is avoiding the debate.


Writer Beverly J. Goldrup contributed to this story.

Ryan Solen is an Army veteran of the war in Iraq and is seeking to represent Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. He is a Digital Forensic Specialist and Computer Security Analyst. He is a married father of four and enjoys reading, writing, doing karate with his family, and relieves stress with his vintage Lego collection.

He is the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s Nominee to run for the U.S. House of Representatives to replace Paul Ryan. For more information, please visit

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