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scott-walker-talksGREEN BAY - A new audit of Governor Scott Walker’s troubled Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) released Friday revealed another round of critical shortcomings. The Audit by the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) reveals additional problems at persistently troubled agency.

The Governor continued to claim "Good news for all of us in Wisconsin" with a campaign style sunshine column on the opinion page of our local newspaper this morning. But the real record of the WEDC's failure is plain to see.

Instead of dealing with the serious issues revealed by the LAB, Gov. Walker continues to shirk his responsibilities as he jets around the nation in pursuit of his presidential campaign ambitions.

dave-hansen-gbIn a new press release this afternoon, State Senator Dave Hansen (D - Green Bay) says about the WEDC audit:

“The WEDC audit confirms what I and others have been saying…that there needs to be greater accountability by both WEDC and the businesses that it gives our tax dollars too.

"If the Governor and Senate Republicans don’t have the good sense to close it down and work in a bi-partisan effort to create an effective, accountable economic development agency then more needs to be done to ensure that both WEDC and the businesses that are taking our tax dollars need are held accountable for what they do with them.

"One of the first things we can and should do is put a 5-year ban in place on companies that accept taxpayer assistance and outsource Wisconsin jobs.”

Written by GBP Staff   

walkerScathing audit reveals Walker’s job agency didn't follow laws to protect taxpayers.

MADISON – Today Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) responded to a scathing Legislative Audit Bureau report that unveiled egregious problems with Gov. Walker's Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

peter_barca"The abysmal failure of Gov. Walker's job agency to follow state laws and its own policies is a serious issue that cannot continue," Rep. Barca said. "If Gov. Walker and his Republican colleagues paid as much attention to our jobs agency as they did on extreme and divisive social issues and catering to right-wing special interests, we would not be 40th in jobs and Wisconsin taxpayers, entrepreneurs and businesses would undoubtedly be better off."

The audit found that Walker's WEDC didn't follow state laws or its own agency policies. The agency also clearly continues to have serious transparency issues and, equally bad, has not provided clear and accurate information in terms of job creation and programs to address concerns brought up in past reports.

WEDC has been a mess from the start and the WEDC legislative board members have not been kept abreast of the agency's ongoing problems or been involved fully in addressing serious issues.

Instead of putting forward solutions to correcting our jobs failure or problems at WEDC, in the state budget Gov. Walker proposed removing oversight, transparency and even LAB financial audits and colliding WEDC with an unrelated state housing agency. Today the Governor announced he is abandoning that hasty idea, following the urging of Democratic lawmakers and stakeholders.

"The problems with WEDC – improper awards, continuous turnover and not following the rules or even laws – are symptomatic of the Walker Administration and its record of financial mismanagement and jobs failures for Wisconsin," Rep. Barca added. "While I am glad that the Governor has heeded our advice to abandon a hasty agency merger, he must go further to take immediate steps to protect taxpayers by shoring up his agency's failures."

Written by Assembly Democrats, Laura Smith   
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